21 - 5 - 2018 | 23:58
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Philippine envoy to the Philippines says US not changing Spratlys stand

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US Ambassador to the Philippines Sung Kim on Sunday reiterated his government’s commitment to keep freedom of navigation intact in the South China Sea.



The statement came amid reports in US media of President Donald Trump’s shift in policy that would turn a blind eye on China’s incursions in the area in exchange for Beijing’s help in putting a stop to North Korea’s nuclear program.

Kim, who is of Korean descent, said the freedom of navigation and flight in the South China Sea was not just a concern of the United States but an issue that would have an impact on the international community.

 “We continue to believe protecting freedom of navigation is not just a US issue but it’s for the whole international community,” he said.

“Freedom of navigation  and freedom of flight … these are very fundamental rights not just strategically but in protecting the flow of international trade … so our position has not changed,” he added.

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