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Weekly News 2/10-8/10

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-(NST 4/10) Countries in SCS a dispute should seek common ground and avoid conflict: Malaysia has called on nations bordering the SCS to seek a common ground that will benefit all parties.

-(Asiaone 4/10) China's newest, advanced submersible is a deep-sea warrior: It reached a depth of 4,500 meters during tests while on a 50-day expedition trip on board the science exploration ship Tansuo-1.

Weekly News 25/9-1/10

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-(PhilStar 28/9) Philippines, China set up joint exploration in Palawan field: The exploration is now awaiting the signature of President Duterte. -(ABS-CBN News 27/9) PH, China set bilateral meeting for joint development in SCS

-(Strait Times 28/9) A success story in resolving sea boundary disputes: Timor-Leste and Australia chart the way through conciliation in a first under the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea.

Weekly News 18/9-24/9

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-(FreeBacon 21/9) Beijing Adopts New Tactic for South China Sea Claims: 'Four Sha' island groups replace illegal 9-Dash Line.

-(The Diplomat 21/9) Chinese, Russian Navies Hold Exercises in Sea of Japan, Okhotsk Sea: The exercise is the second phase of the Joint Sea-2017 exercises.

Weekly News 11/9-17/9

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-(AMTI 13/9) A blueprint for fisheries management and environmental cooperation in the South China Sea: A feasible model for claimants to manage the maritime disputes. 

-(VOA 12/9) South China Sea succumbing to pollution due to political mpasse: Academics are warning the South China Sea could face worsening environmental degradation over the next two decades.

Weekly News 4/9 - 10/9

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-(GMA Network 6/9) Philippine official reveals bow number of Chinese ship that planted flag off Kota Island (Loaita Island): Chinese fishing vessel with Bow Number 23168 allegedly planted a Chinese flag seven nautical miles off Kota Island.

-(Nikkei 6/9) Indonesia, Japan deepen talks on joint development in SCS: Fisheries development, security cooperation aimed at countering Chinese pressures.

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