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Weekly News 14/5 - 20/5

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- (CNN 17/5) China using 'debtbook diplomacy' to spread its strategic aims in Asia Pacific: In some cases the huge debts grow to a size too large to pay back, allowing Beijing to leverage the loans to "acquire strategic assets or political influence over debtor nations."

-(The Diplomat 16/5) What’s in Indonesia’s Indo-Pacific Cooperation Concept? The articulation of ASEAN’s own Indo-Pacific concept may pre-empt competitive narratives from Washington or Beijing.


Weekly News 7/5 - 13/5

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-(National Interest 10/5) China's Plan to Conquer the South China Sea Is Now Clear: China’s intent with regard to the SCS has been evident for years. But Beijing’s big lie has finally been laid bare.

-(Bloomberg 10/5) China Sends Military Plane to Third South China Sea Airstrip: amid renewed complaints about the country expanding its military presence in the busy shipping lane.


Weekly News 30/4 - 6/5

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-(The Guardian 3/5) China deploys cruise missiles on South China Sea outposts: Missiles could targets ships and aircraft, according to CNBC, and mark another step in the militarisation of the disputed islands.

-(The Diplomat 2/5) Now is Not the Time to Back Down in the SCS: Realpolitik cannot triumph over Moralpolitik.


Weekly News 23/4 - 29/4

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-(The Diplomat 26/4) The South China Sea and ASEAN's 32nd Summit Meeting:

Will Cambodia once again undermine ASEAN’s position on the South China Sea?

-(The Globe and Mail 24/4) Canada Senate passes motion condemning China’s ‘hostile behaviour’ in SCS: The measure decries the “escalating and hostile behaviour exhibited by the People’s Republic of China in the South China Sea”


Weekly News 16/4 - 22/4

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-(News.com.au 22/4) US Admiral warns: Only war can now stop Beijing controlling the South China Sea

-(The Australian 20/4) China challenges three Australian warships in South China Sea: “Australia will not be prevented from asserting its ‘right of freedom of navigation throughout the world’s oceans’”.


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