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Weekly News 7 - 14 February

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- (The Wall Street Journal 11/2) Jakarta's Year of Leading Diplomatically - The Asean member states are playing a difficult game of balancing and constraining China while benefiting from the economic opportunities of its rise. The fact that they are lining up behind Indonesia's leadership is an encouraging sign.

- (Examiner 11/2) Joint Chiefs of Staff issue message to China over missile buildup against Taiwan

- (The Economist 10/2) Who rules the waves? - China’s ocean scientists will soon start exploring a controversial patch of sea
- (The Aspen Times 10/2) U.S. adviser DeFrancia discusses China maritime policy - China's view of its naval role is far different from how the United States operates its Navy, DeFrancia said. In China, the Navy is a subset of the People's Liberation Army, employing a defensive strategy, looking to keep the naval operations of other countries far away from its shores, he said.


- (The Canadian Press 10/2) US intel chief says assertive Chinese behaviour increases chance of conflict with neighbours - The U.S. spy chief said Thursday

- (U.S Department of Defense 8/2) New Strategy Calls for Redefined Leadership. ( Read full report here) 

- (Manila Standard 8/2) Forum Energy obtains nod to explore Reed Bank gas prospect - The Energy Department gave the go-signal to Forum Energy Plc of UK to proceed with the exploration of the Reed Bank basin near the disputed Kalayaan Islands off South China Sea

- (The Nation 9/2) More at stake in overlapping offshore area - Thailand and Cambodia need to resolve land dispute or Gulf riches will remain unexploited

- (Samaylive 8/2) China amends military rules - "Efforts to improve political work should be made towards ensuring the CPC's absolute leadership over the army, as well as maintaining social stability and creating a favourable environment for China's reforms and development", Xu Caihou, Vice Chairman of the Central Military Commission, had said.

- (Science Direct) China, the German Analogy, and the New AirSea Operational Concept - This article examines the assumptions that lead China alarmists to dismiss America's ability to impose a distant blockade as an inadequate counter to Chinese A2/AD systems. It argues that distant blockade is indeed a viable, lower cost strategy that capitalizes on America's strengths and China's weaknesses.

- (The China Post 8/2) Japan rallies for return of Kuril islands; (AP 7/2) Japanese rally for return of islands from Russia

- (The National Interest 7/2) A Chinese Civil War - Instead of seeking to ease Chinese tensions with Japan by steering a middle course between Beijing and Tokyo, the White House has signaled in recent weeks that it would seek tighter military ties with Tokyo to counter Beijing, including the sale of F-35 stealth fighters to counter the new Chinese stealth capability. More important, the United States has left open the possibility of renewed arms sales to Taiwan.

- (The Diplomat 7/2) US Drones Trump China Theatrics - Despite the fanfare surrounding China’s J-20 stealth prototype, the real game-changer in the Pacific will be US spy planes, argues David Axe.

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