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Home TIN TỨC TUẦN TIN TIẾNG ANH (ENGLISH NEWS) Weekly News 14 - 21/2 February

Weekly News 14 - 21/2 February

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- (The Stars 20/2) Somali pirates can reach our waters - International Maritime Bureau (IMB) piracy reporting centre head of Asian region Noel Choong said

- (Asahi Shimbun 18/2) Yudhoyono to urge China to join talks to resolve its disputes over islands in the South China Sea with Southeast Asian countries.

- (The Diplomat 16/2) Avoiding US-China Military Rivalry - A new Cold War between the US and China isn’t inevitable. But better inter-military communication will be needed to stop one.

- (RiaNovosti 16/2) A Changed but still Expected Military Strategy Report - Brief Comment on the National Military Strategy of the U.S. 2011

- (Islands Business) COVER REPORT: Wikileaks reveal China’s plan for the islands - Pour US$375m as soft loans “whether or not they have diplomatic relations with China”, Assistant Foreign Affairs Minister of the People’s Republic of China,(PRC) He Yafei said in 2006

- (Asia News 19/2) RUSSIA - CHINA - JAPAN:Kurils Islands: growing tension between Moscow and Tokyo; (World Socialist 17/2) Japan and Russia in diplomatic row over disputed Kuril Islands - A visit to Moscow by Japanese Foreign Minister Seiji Maehara last week to discuss four disputed islands in the Kuril chain failed to produce any agreement. Instead, the two sides engaged in a diplomatic exchange of fire, each insisting on its own sovereignty; (Japan Times 16/2) Russia, China firms agree to farm sea cucumbers off disputed isle beetween Russia and Japan

- (Washington Times 17/2) Military to bolster its forces in Pacific - Pentagon is developing new battle plans for Asia that include adding Marines to better-coordinated naval and air forces in the region where China is expanding its military might; (AP 15/2) US admiral: Carrier killer won't stop US Navy

- (istockAnalyst 15/2) ProSep receives $5.5 million contract to provide gas dehydration system to an international oil and gas producer operating in the South China Sea; (UpstreamOnline 14/2) Final investment approval for Beibu - The plan for the WZ 6-12 and WZ 12-8 west oilfields in Block 22/12 of the Beibu Gulf project, in the South China Sea

- (American Interest/Viet-studies) From the March - April 2011 issue:Tipping Point in the Indo-Pacific - The underlying source of the current deterioration in the bilateral relationship is the competition for influence in the Indo-Pacific commons, that broad swath reaching from the western Pacific Ocean to the eastern coast of Africa

- (INSS) NEW STRATEGIC FORUM: Getting Beyond Taiwan? Chinese Foreign Policy and PLA Modernization - If China was no longer constrained by its focus on Taiwan, it could undermine regional stability. Maritime Southeast Asian states would worry that China might seize the Spratly Islands

- (The Wall Street Journal 12/2) Asia's New Arms Race - As China grows wealthier and builds up its military, other nations in the region are taking note—and amassing weapons of their own.

- (Jakarta Globe 12/2) The Thinker: Asia vs. the Pirates

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