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Weekly News 7 - 14 March

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- (The Atlantic 11/3) In Japanese Quake Disaster, a Chinese Opportunity - Could Beijing's navy, long contained by a U.S.-led coalition, use humanitarian intervention to expand its regional influence?

- (ISEAS 10/3) Key obstacles to China becoming a global leaser

- (Economist 10/3) Carps among the Spratlys - The risk that almost comical regional competition in the South China Sea turns serious

- (AP 10/3) Vietnam accuses China, Taiwan of inciting tensions over disputed South China Sea islands

- (Jamestown Foundation 10/3) China Brief Volume: 11 Issue:4: An Analysis of China’s 2011 Defense Budget and Total Military Spending — The Great Unknown; Is Russia Helping Taiwan Build Submarines? ; Implications of China’s Military Evacuation of Citizens from Libya

- (Asia Times 10/3) Unstringing China's strategic pearls - There is still scant concrete evidence that China is currently or in the near future planning to build and maintain military bases along its Sea Lines of Communication (SLOC), which stretch from the South China Sea to the Indian Ocean.

- (VNN 7/3) Vietnam has uncontroversial sovereignty of Hoang Sa Archipelago

- (Wall Street Journal 9/3) New Minister's Priority: China - Japan's new Foreign Minister Takeaki Matsumoto

- ( Phil Star 11/3) Noy, Singapore leaders discuss Spratly issue, Mideast turmoil; (Asia Sentinel 9/3) Seeking a Common Front Against China - With regards to the Spratlys, there is no room for unilateral action,” Aquino said; (Jakarta Post 9/3) SBY, Aquino agree on talks over Spratlys - Philippine President Benigno Aquino III expressed his full support for Indonesia’s leadership of ASEAN to help tackle regional issues, especially disputed claims in the South China Sea; (Inquirer 9/3) We were wronged party in Spratlys, says expert - “The Philippines is the aggrieved party. It should not have sent someone (to China) to explain. It should be the Chinese that should do the explaining. Why are we sending someone to explain to Beijing?”, a former foreign affairs undersecretary who now teaches at the University of the Philippines law school; Chinese embassy dismisses views of law professor on Spratlys incident

- (Bloomberg 9/3) China Naval Incidents in Disputed Waters Draw Mounting Protests; (Bangkok Post 9/3) China stakes claim on disputed islands after spatsForeign ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu told reporters.

- (The Telegraph 8/3) Why oil is so important to China - The presence of a Chinese frigate off the coast of Libya last week was deeply significant as the world’s major powers position themselves to protect future supplies of fuel, says Praveen Swami.

- (Oxford Journals) Volume 10 Issue 1 March 2011: American and Chinese Views on Navigational Rights of Warships - Erik Franckx, Research Professor and President of the Department of International and European Law as well as Director of the Centre for International Law at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel

- (Inquirer 8/3) Soccer, not gunboat, diplomacy in SpratlysLt. Gen. Juancho Sabban, head of the Armed Forces of the Philippines Western Command (Wescom), came up with the idea of playing football with Vietnamese soldiers stationed in the area to defuse tension; (Phil Star 8/3) Military wants Kalayaan Islands developed for tourism  to boost the country’s territorial claim;  Noy mulls Asean joint gas exploration in Spratlys - President Aquino might raise the issue of joint exploration in the South China Sea with members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) during his visit to Indonesia this week; (Manila Bulletin 7/3) Tamayo stresses need to upgrade PCG patrol support; (Phil Star 6/3) Government may send Spratly expert to China - Manila may send lawyer Henry Bensurto to Beijing in the next few days to explain the Philippines’ position on the incident that happened in the Reed Bank near Palawan province; (AFP 7/3) Philippine navy acquires US patrol ship; (Sun Star 7/3) US urges restraint after China-Philippines spat

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