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Weekly News 14 - 21 March

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- Carlyle A. Thayer, Vietnamese Strategies to Constrain China in the South China Sea - Paper to International Studies Association 52nd Annual Convention, Montréal, Québec, Canada, March 16-19,2011

(Eurasia Review 19/3) Defence Spending: China And India – Analysis - The thrust of China’s military spending over the years focuses on three critical areas

- (Gulf News 19/3) China responds to harassment charge - Del Rosario said that China, in recognition of both countries' desire to constructively settle the issue, have agreed "to keep channels of communication open on this matter.

- (Phil Star 19/3) AFP lagging in developing fortifications in SpratlysA report of Philippines Armed Force


- (Deccan Herald 18/3) Indian, Singapore navy to exercise in South China Sea - The five-day joint naval exercise between the Indian Navy and the Singapore Navy will start tomorrow in the South China Sea.

- (Washington Post 18/3) The ‘blue national soil’ of China’s navy

- (CSIS 17/3) The “After Hillary” Era Concerns Southeast Asia - Ernest Z. Bower

- (Inquirer 17/3) Keep off Spratlys row, China tells US - Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines Liu Jianchao said Thursday

- (Eurasia 17/3) The Politics Of China’s Military Spending And Its Long Term Consequences

- (The Diplomat 16/3) Is China Fit for Policing Job?

- (National Interest 16/3) The Chinese Cozy Up to the Pakistanis to block Indian hegemony in South Asia

- (ISN 15/3) How Far Will China's Navy Reach? - Any China-related military conflict is most likely to be triggered and fought at sea.

- (GMA News 15/3) US advises PHL: Settle Spratlys row with China peacefully; (DFA - Philippines 14/3) Secretary Del Rosario Receives Call from US Secretary of State Clinton - Both foreign secretaries underscored the need to ensure maritime security in the Asia-Pacific and agreed that a way forward is the conclusion of a binding regional code of conduct in the South China Sea.

- (USCC10/3) Hearing on “China's Narratives Regarding National Security Policy”

- (Star Advertiser 14/3) Hawaii, Guam raise profiles in Pacific: Islands grow in importance as U.S. shifts military, political and economic strategies

- (Epoch Times 14/3) China: Words and Deeds Not in Sync - Beijing’s central message of peaceful development has been replaced

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