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Home TIN TỨC TUẦN TIN TIẾNG ANH (ENGLISH NEWS) Weekly News 28 March - 4 April

Weekly News 28 March - 4 April

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- (People's Daily 1/4) Fishing ban to ease problems in Pearl River - The ban covers waters in six provinces and regions, including Jiangxi, Hunan and Guangdong provinces, as well as the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region.

- (Wall Street Journal 1/4) Singed by the Dragon - Appeasing a rising hegemon carries a risk that one's national interest will disappear down its maw. This is a lesson the Philippines is only now beginning to learn.

- (AFP 31/3) ExxonMobil to drill off Vietnam: official media - US oil giant ExxonMobil will begin exploratory drilling off central Vietnam in late April, official media reported Thursday, potentially angering China, which has objected to similar plans in the past.

-(U.S. Department of State-Press Release 31/3) Asia Overview: Protecting American Interests in China and Asia - Kurt M. Campbell; (U.S. News 31/3) Washington Is Preparing for a Long War With China

- (Straits Times/Viet-studies 31/3) Philippines stirs waters off Spratlys - Upgrading works and gas exploration ignite latest territorial spat

- (Financial Times 31/3) China warns of military competition in Asia - “Suspicion about China, interference and countering moves against China from the outside are on the increase,” Beijing said in a key military policy document released on Thursday; (New York Times 30/3) China Hedges Over Whether South China Sea is a ‘Core Interest’ Worth War

- (Daily Times 30/3) Philippines to upgrade airstrip on disputed island; (Inquirer 29/3) AFP starts Spratlys rehab with P31-M runway makeover - The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Chief of Staff Gen. Eduardo Oban Jr. told reporters in Camp Aguinaldo Monday.

- (New York Times 30/3) China's Military to Work at Trust With Neighbors

- (World Affairs March/April 2011) Nervous Neighbors: China Finds a Sphere of Influence - Despite their growing economic cooperation with the PRC, ASEAN nations now acknowledge that improved security ties with the United States offer the safest and most effective way for them to hedge against China

- (Mindanao Examiner 29/3) And Now the Aftershocks  after  Arroyo had a “deal” with Beijing?

- (Pipelines International 3/2011) The pipelines feeding China’s burgeoning economy - An overview of some of the major pipeline projects proposed or currently underway.

- (The Diplomat 28/3) Vietnam Eyes China ‘Threat’

- (The Vancouver Sun 28/3) China's neighbours in dark about 'core national interests' - A curt statement from the Beijing government last week is again raising debate about whether China claims most of the South China Sea, carrying some of the world's busiest merchant shipping lanes, as territorial waters and "a core national interest."

- (The Diplomat 28/3) China Eyes Naval Track Record - As Chinese sea power matures, the Chinese leadership may assume a more forceful stance, just as the United States did by the 1890s.

- (Eurasia 28/3) Piracy In The South China Sea: Lessons From Gulf Of Aden – Analysis

- (PhilStar 26/3) Military leaves security issue in Spratlys to DFA - Brig. Gen. Jose Mabanta, Armed Forces spokesman, said the matter is now within the domain of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA).

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