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Weekly News 4 -11 April

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- (Jakarta Post 10/4) RI detaines two Malaysian fishing boats; Malaysia protests RI arrest of two fishing boats

- (RSIS 8/4) India, US in East Asia: Emerging Strategic Partnership  - India and the United States are gradually emerging as strategic partners in Asia. What are the prospects of this strategic partnership for the region? 

-(New York Times 8/4) Shake-Up Could Affect Tone of U.S. Policy on China

- (Jamestown Foundation 8/4) China’s Maritime Strategy Is More Than Naval Strategy - A string of recent events bears out their assessment, suggesting both that Chinese leaders have not abandoned their ambitions in these waters and that these ambitions are apt to encounter pushback from fellow Asian sea powers.

- (Eurasia Review 8/4) China: Latest Defence White Paper: What Is New? – Analysis - For countries having territorial disputes with China, the White Paper shows that the PRC is approaching its territorial problems with other nations in the region in terms of both defence and diplomacy.

- (Chosunilbo 9/4) What China's 1st Aircraft Carrier Means for the Region

- (CNN 8/4) With eye on South China Sea, U.S. might place troops in Australia

- (Heritage Foundation 7/4) The Limits of Transparency: China Releases 2010 Defense White Paper - For those who hope to learn details on the DF-21D anti-ship ballistic missile system or the new J-20 stealth fighter, the new white paper will prove disappointing;  (MSN News 7/4) US asks China to be transparent on military modernisationChina''s naval activities are a direct challenge to accepted interpretations of international law and established international norms, the US Pacific Command Commander Admiral Robert Willard; (RTI 7/4) Mainland China's aircraft carrier poses threat to Taiwan: Ex-official; (PLA Daily 6/4) Destroyer flotilla explores sea battle tactics in the South China Sea

- (GMA News 7/4) PHL, Vietnam reaffirm deal to resolve Spratly claims peacefully - Following a meeting between Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario and Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung last April 5.

- (The Star 7/4) Spratlys dispute will be handled peacefully - The Foreign Ministry of Malaysia said

- (Manila Times 7/4) China wants to explore Spratly islands with Asean - The Chinese ambassador Liu Jianchao; (Phil Star 6/4) China seeks discussion of South China Sea issue with Phl - The Chinese ambassador Liu Jianchao said on Monday.

- (Bernama 6/4) Parliament: Malaysia Favours Peaceful Resolution To Maritime Boundary Dispute

- (China Daily 6/4) Observation network to monitor East China Sea  And a network for deep-sea observation is being prepared in South China Sea regions

- (Focus Taiwan 6/4) China's first aircraft carrier to be completed soon: reports - It is very likely that the carrier will be assigned to China's South China Sea fleet

- (Winnipeg Free Press 6/4) US commander says forces may rotate through Australia to boost presence in Asia-Pacific and improve their access to the South China Sea

- (Los Angeles Times 6/4) Joseph S. Nye Jr., U.S.-China relationship: A shift in perceptions of power - One should be skeptical about dire projections of China's rise and America's decline. China still has a long way to go to catch up in military, economic and soft-power resources.; (The Diplomat 6/4) China and Imperial Germany - Conflict isn’t predestined in maritime Asia. Nevertheless, Beijing promises to be a tough competitor by the German standard

- (Human Events 5/4) China Masking Huge Military Buildup - Red Alert:  China is sending misleading messages about its massive military buildup.

- (Asia Times 6/4) Japan riles Korea with textbook timing

- (National University of Singapore Apr 2011) BECKMAN, Robert C. "The South China Sea Dispute: An International Lawyer’s View” - ISEAS Conference on “Entering Uncharted Waters?: ASEAN and the South China Sea Disputes” | 18 February 2011, Singapore

- (National Interest 1/4) The China Hedge - One cannot ‘defend’ disputed territory that one does not actually control

- (Manila Standard 4/4) Aquino wants to open sea, air lanes to foreign vessels - It was aimed at delineating the boundaries of the Philippine archipelago as prescribed by the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea; (Mindanao Examiner 4/4) 'Testing Diplomacy in Contested Waters'

- (Korea Times 4/4) Ocean research station to be built near Dokdo - The project, which is part of South Korea’s countermeasures to Japan’s claim over the islets that have intensified since 2000, will be completed no later than December.

- (The Diplomat 3/4) China’s Military Self-Assurance - The latest defence white paper suggests an increasing willingness to use a modernizing military to settle diplomatic disputes.

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