Weekly News 11 - 18 April

Thứ ba, 12 Tháng 4 2011 16:32

- (Foreign Policy 15/4) Riding a tiger: China's resurging foreign policy aggression

- (Sun Star 17/4) Enrile calls for stronger military anew - Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile; (Phil Star 17/4) Phl shares China's call to resolve Spratly dispute peacefully; (Inquirer 16/4) China: Let us not quarrel over Spratlys - Chinese President Hu Jintao called Friday for Asian nations to better cooperate in security matters to avoid disagreements in a region increasingly beset by rival territorial claims—often involving China.

- (American Interest May - June 2011) Networked Asia - Competition need not lead to conflict. Washington’s greatest advantage is a set of highly capable allies. Now is the time to help them become greater than the sum of their parts.

- (Xinhua 14/4) China cannot accept Philippines' claiming sovereignty over some S China Sea islands: FM spokesman

- (Heritage Foundation 14/4) U.N. Doesn’t Give America Its “Seat at the Table” in Maritime Disputes

- (AFP 15/4) Philippines to boost Spratly patrols - The Philippine military said Friday it planned to use a new US-made vessel to boost patrols in disputed South China Sea waters, amid a flare-up in tensions with China over rival claims.; (Inquirer 15/4) PH runs to UN to protest China’s ‘9-dash line’ Spratlys claimThe protest was rather late and came a week after three Filipinos were executed in China for drug trafficking;  (United Nations) Submission to the CLCS of Philippine on China's "9-dash line";  (GMA News 13/4) PHL protests China's '9-dash line' claim over Spratlys

- (Heritage Foundation 14/4) The United States vs. China—Which Economy Is Bigger, Which Is Better

- NIDS China Security Report – National Institute for Defense Studies, Japan

- (Jakarta Post 13/4) S. China Sea row challenges RI’s role as ASEAN chair 

- (Reuters/AlertNet 13/4) Philippines says will spend $255 mln on military helicopters,boats - President Benigno Aquino said on Wednesday.

- (Washington Times 12/4) China blocks coastal waters, enlarges military - The Chinese maritime encroachment includes area of international waters in the Bohai Gulf, the Yellow Sea, the East China Sea and the South China Sea, Adm. Willard said.

- (VOA 12/4) Analysts: China Defense White Paper Avoids Controversial Topics - The document does little to address more controversial topics such as weapons systems China is developing, its cyber operations, and its ambitions in space and the South China Sea.

- (AFP 12/4) Chinese navy less assertive in 2011: US admiral

- (Asia Times 13/4) Ming Dynasty admiral spooks Taiwan - A proud China is set to launch its first aircraft carrier. For Taiwan, the carrier's most frightening aspect could be its name.

- (Eurasia Review 12/4) India, US In East Asia: Emerging Strategic Partnership – Analysis

- (Mindanao Examiner 11/4) Philippines-In the Middle of a Geostrategical Fault Line By Erick San Juan - If we are not careful, we will become a province of China.

- (Bloomberg 11/4) Premier Oil fields in Indonesia, Vietnam to begin output soon; Premier Oil Group Finds Gas, Condensate in Vietnam Drilling

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