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Weekly News 25 April - 2 May

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- (Jakarta Post 28/4) Discourse: China’s progress contributes to prosperity, opens opportunity for ASEAN - A rare interview between The Jakarta Post’s Abdul Khalik and Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao on the South China Sea issue

- (Malaya 28/4) With Japan sidelined, US sees PH as filling security vacuum - The source said the US "policy on re-engagement in the Philippines" involves stepped-up efforts with the on-going modernization of the Armed Forces of the Philippines

- (Japan Times 28/4) Beijing's troubling South China Sea policy - China's evolving energy security strategy could further complicate its relations with Southeast Asia, and with countries like Japan, the United States and South Korea that regard the South China Sea

- (Asea Sentinel 27/4) Limits of Chinese Power in Southeast Asia - The recent backlash in the South China Sea is likely to make Beijing more cautious. China's still limited military capacity provides an important explanation, since, particularly in the maritime access and security arena, the presence of the United States still serves as a significant deterrent.

- (Global Times 27/4) Premier Wen leaves for Indonesia and Malaysia - "The countries concerned should and can carry out joint development in the South China Sea. This is in the interest of peace and stability in the South China Sea. It also serves the interests of the countries concerned and all relevant parties," Wen said.

- (Channel News Asia 27/4) Engage China on rifts, says Indonesian leader - China needs to be brought into regional dialogue to ensure a peaceful resolution to tensions over the South China Sea, Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said.

- (Phil Star 27/4) US Senate urged to ratify UN Law of the Sea Convention

- (Carnegie Endownment 26/4) Douglas H. Paal, The Chinese Are Coming! - All this indicates that Washington and the Pacific Command need to deploy a strategy of regional reassurance as the Chinese carrier itself deploys.

- (Phil Star 25/4) How will P-Noy play the China card? - A high-caliber group of foreign policy advisers from Beijing in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) of China completed over the weekend their official mission in Manila on the territorial dispute between the Philippines and China, including other claimant countries, over the Spratlys chain of islands in the South China Sea

- (Jamestown Foundation) China Brief Volume: 11 Issue: 7:

+ Taiwan’s Defense Transformation and Challenges Under Ma Ying-Jeou

+ Is China’s Carrier Aviation Program Kicking into High Gear?

+ China’s 2010 National Defense White Paper: An Assessment

+ The Rise of the Energy Faction in Chinese Politics

- (People's Daily 25/4) Japan minister's China remarks 'inappropriate' - Zhou Yongsheng, a professor of Japan studies at China Foreign Affairs University.

- (Real Time News 24/4) US must promote India to counter the 'Chinese model' - Mulford cable

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