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Weekly News 16 - 23 May

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- (Jakarta Post 21/5) China offers ASEAN joint effort to counter piracy

- (Jakarta Post 20/5) Defense chiefs push for South China Sea rules - “This is the first time the South China Sea issue has been raised by the defense ministries. It was previously considered a sensitive issue and was avoided,” Col. Jan Pieter Ate, a special assistant to the Indonesian Defense Minister, said after the meeting;  China plays down severity of South China Sea issues

- (AFP/Asiaone 19/5) Vietnam says sailors shot in South China Sea - Relatives of the sailors told police that the shooters wore uniforms of the Philippines but a military spokesman in Manila said there were no reports of incidents in the Spratlys.

- (Inquirer 20/5) Chinese jets intruded into PH space–AFP - The Armed Forces on Thursday said it was validating reports that Chinese jet fighters had entered the country’s airspace around the disputed Spratly chain near Palawan

- (Breitbart 18/5) Chair amends ASEAN Summit's S. China Sea statement at Vietnam behest+

- (The Diplomat 18/5) Welcome to the ASEAN VillageCarden is faced with a lingering issue that threatens long-term peace and stability in Southeast Asia, and means resolution of the South China Sea dispute is going to have to be one of his main diplomatic objectives; Putting Eyes on China’s Carrier

- (Investor 18/5) The Great Woo Of China - The Chinese are preparing to challenge and even surpass us on the world stage. There's no need for a gullible administration to help them do it; (HuffingtonPost 18/5) U.S., China Military Talks Stumble Over Taiwan Arms Sales, China's Military Build-up - China’s military build-up, cyberwar attacks, aggressive maneuvers in the South China Sea and Chinese complaints about U.S. spy-planes monitoring its coastline were all topics left unaddressed after the first high-level Chinese military visit in seven years.

- (Cutting Edge 18/5) The New Silk Road: China’s Energy Strategy in the Greater Middle East—An Increasing Footprint

- (PhilStar 18/5) US: We'll stand by Phl - US Ambassador Harry Thomas Jr. said Monday.

- (Jakarta Post 18/5) Editorial: Seeking a solid ASEAN defense  to strengthen regional defense and security cooperation, to reaffirm a commitment to implement the DOC, and to work towards the adoption of a COC in the South China Sea.

- (Wall Street Journal 18/5) Sino-American Military Talks Begin

- (Gulf News 17/5) Asean needs US in resolving Spratly dispute: US envoy

- (M&G 16/5) Vietnam defiant on first day of Chinese fishing ban - Vietnamese fishermen were planning to not respect a Chinese ban on fishing in waters claimed by both nations, government and industry officials said Monday

- (China Daily 16/5) China Mobile Communications Signals Now Cover Nansha (Spratly) Islands

- (AP 16/5) Spratlys conflict involving US unlikely: diplomat

- (AirForceTimes 16/5) China military chief makes 1st visit in 7 years - The Chinese delegation is led by Gen. Chen Bingde, the counterpart to the U.S. chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Adm. Mike Mullen. It is the first visit of its kind in seven years.

- (RT 16/5) Moscow disappointed and surprised at Japan’s protest over visit to Kurils

- (AP 16/5) US Navy drones: Coming to a carrier near China? - "They will play an integral role in our future operations in this region," predicted Vice Adm. Scott Van Buskirk, commander of the U.S. 7th Fleet, which covers most of the Pacific and Indian oceans; (Reuters 16/5) China, U.S. militaries seek greater harmony - If their bands can make music together, can the U.S. and Chinese militaries strike a better note as well?

- (Latest China 15/5) Chinese defense minister leaves for Southeast Asia tour

- (Vietnam News 14/5) Viet Nam opposes China's East Sea fishing ban - Ministry spokesperson Nguyen Phuong Nga made the statement in response to media questions yesterday regarding China's ban on fishing from 12hrs on May 16 to 12hrs on August 1, 2011. The scheme

- (Phil Star 16/5) Keeping Phl Navy afloat

- (The Diplomat 11/5) Inouye’s Asia-Pacific Warning - Inouye implied, without quite coming out and saying it, that heavy-handed Chinese diplomacy represents self-defeating behavior for Beijing and opportunity for Washington

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