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Weekly News 30 May - 6 June

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Shangri-La Dialogue 2011:

-Keynote Address- Prime Minister of Malyasia Abdul Razak: need code of conduct between ASEAN and China.

- Speech by General Phung Quang Thanh: Vietnam exercised patience in May incident when cable cut in S.China Sea, hopes won't be repeated; need code of conduct between ASEAN and China.

- Summary of fifth session on "Responding to New Maritime Security Threats": Navigating maritime disputes in Southeast Asia

- Financial Times (4/6) US warns over tension in South China Sea: Robert Gates, US defence secretary, on Saturday warned that there were increasing concerns about recent Chinese provocations in the South China Sea and other disputed waters in Asia.

- CNN (4/6) Robert Gates warns of possible clashes in the South China Sea: "Without rules of the road, without agreed approaches to deal with these problems, then there will be clashes. I think that serves nobody's interest," 

- (Bloomberg 4/6): China Reassures Its Neighbors After Clashes Over Claims in South China Sea. “China is committed to maintaining peace and stability in the South China Sea,” Minister Liang Guanglie toldl; What to Watch for At the Upcoming Shangri-La Dialogue

- (Inquirer 4/6) Philippines accuses China of ‘serious violations’ in South China Sea

- (Christian Science Monitor 3/6) Why the South China Sea is turning more turbulent - A US-China military rivalry may be behind China's recent aggressiveness in the South China Sea. On Sunday, Vietnam claims China cut the underwater cables of one of its survey ships.

- (GMANews.TV 5/6) DFA conveys protest to Beijing over Chinese vessels. The Philippine government has conveyed to the Chinese Embassy its protest over what it called the increasing activity of Chinese naval assets in the South China Sea. According to the DFA.

- (ABS-CBN 3/6) Business steps in to end Spratlys row

- (The Australian 3/6) Top gun warns of maritime rivalry - THE commander of the US Pacific forces says the "level of assertiveness" displayed last year by rival navies in the South China Sea had taken aback regional observers.

- (Forbes 2/6) Philippines to file new UN protest on China

- (Sydney Morning Herald 2/6) Vietnam accuses China of sabotage

- (Inquirer 2/6) Chinese intrusions in PH-claimed parts of Spratlys ‘alarming,’ says Gazmin - The Philippines Defense Secretary

- (Examiner 2/6) China Maritime Strategy in Gwandar and South China Sea

- (Manila Standard 2/6) South China Sea disputes up in Brunei - PRESIDENT Benigno Aquino III said Monday he will raise the territorial disputes in the South China Sea during his meeting with Brunei Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah this week.

- (Straits Times/Viet-studies 1/6) Robert Beckman, Islands or rocks? Depends on who you ask - China has no legal basis for claiming sovereign rights and jurisdiction over any resources in or under the waters within the nine-dashed line outside of the waters adjacent to the islands.

- (VOA 1/6) Philippines Seeks Answers About Latest South China Sea Incident - The department says the Philippine defense and military agencies received reports that a surveillance ship and two marine vessels put up steel posts, building materials and buoys on the island that it says is well within the country’s economic zone. 

- (Japan Times 1/6) China steps up drilling, intimidation - China recently launched an oil and natural gas drilling platform that may be as significant as military modernization in buttressing Beijing's claims to control most of the islands, water and seabed in the maritime heart of Southeast Asia.

- (Financial Times 1/6) China and Philippines tensions mount - A diplomatic dispute between China and the Philippines escalated on Wednesday after Manila summoned Beijing’s representative to convey its growing concern over recent naval incursions into disputed waters in the South China Sea;  Asia’s quiet anger with ‘big, bad’ China

- (Jakarta Post 1/6) S. China Sea pressures ASEAN- The time has come when ASEAN should think of its own interest rather than what China might feel about its action

- (Asahi 1/6) China gets tough with Vietnam over territorial issues

- (Bernama 31/5) US Navy Keen On Explaining Presence In South China Sea - Ahmad Zahid - The United States Navy plans to engage in unofficial dialogue with countries seeking territorial sovereignty in the South China Sea to explain the reason behind its presence there.

- (VOA 31/5) US Seeks Cooperation With China as it Boosts Engagement in Southeast Asia - U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Kurt Campbell

- (UPI 31/5) Filipino military considers China threat - Filipino military commanders are considering new tactics to contest Chinese incursions into disputed regions of the South China Sea.

- (VNN 31/5) Binh Minh ship – another CGX case in East Sea? - The Binh Minh 02 ship’s case is somehow similar to the CGX case which happened in 2000 in the Atlantic Ocean offshore of Guyana and Suriname. But is it similar?

- (Viet Nam News 30/5) China violates sovereignty - Viet Nam is demanding China immediately stop taking actions that violate Viet Nam's sovereignty and rights of jurisdiction over its continental shelf and exclusive economic zone as well as pay damages for past violations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Nguyen Phuong Nga told a press conference in Ha Noi yesterday.

- (Bloomberg 31/5) Gates to Display U.S. Military Staying Power on Final Trip to Asia

- (Phil Star 30/5) Expect bullying from China over Spratlys - MiriamChina will always try to bully the Philippines and other countries in the Southeast Asian region in a bid to control massive oil resources in the disputed Spratly Islands in the South China Sea, Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago said yesterday

- (The Nation 30/5) South China Sea disputes a threat to Asean-China relations

- (The Diplomat 29/5) How China, US See Each Other at SeaTalks between the US and Chinese militaries can be great. But dialogue can also reduce trust over maritime differences as well boosting it.

- (Inquirer 30/5) Philippines arrests 122 Vietnamese fishermen - The Vietnamese were caught off the coast of Palawan and were not in disputed waters of the South China Sea;  Chinese official assures Philippines on Spratlys - Jiang Shusheng, vice chair of the 11th National People’s Congress of China

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