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Weekly News 6 - 13 June

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-(Vietnam MOFA) Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Nguyen Phuong Nga at the Press Conference June 9th 2011.

-(Bloomberg 9/6) Vietnam Says Chinese Boat Harassed PetroVietnam Survey Ship; -(Reuters 9/6) China accuses Vietnam in escalating sea tensions

-(New York Times 9/6) China: Neighbors Warned on Disputed Island Chain. Chinese ambassador to the Philippines, Liu Jianchao, said in Manila

- (WSJ 9/6) Tensions Flare in South China Sea

- (Economist 9/6) Not littorally Shangri-La The South China Sea becomes a zone of eternal dispute

-(BusinessWorld 9/6) Manila, Beijing up ante in word war over disputed islands  

- Philippines Secretary of Foreign Affairs, A RULES-BASED REGIME IN THE SOUTH CHINA SEA

- (RSIS 9/6) Nguyen Dang Thang, China’s Fishing Ban in the South China Sea: Implications for Territorial Disputes

- (New Yourk Times 7/6) China's Troubled Neighbors - In any case, China’s emergence has upset the status quo. Beijing’s actions, be they conciliatory or aggressive, will set the tone for the future, and hence the relationships between the United States and the other nations of the region.

-(The Diplomat), Duong Danh Huy, China’s U-Shaped Claims; (The Manila Times) The Philippines and Vietnam at the crossroad .

- (Reuters 8/6) China scolds Philippines over disputed waters

- (Foreign Policy 7/6) Crowded Waters - The superpower battle for regional supremacy in the South China Sea is heating up once again. 

 * Shangri-La Dialogue 2011:

- Keynote Address  - Prime Minister of Malyasia Abdul Razak: need code of conduct between ASEAN and China.

Speech by  General Phung Quang Thanh Vietnam exercised patience in May incident when cable cut in S.China Sea, hopes won't be repeated; need code of conduct between ASEAN and China.

- Summary of fifth session on "  Responding to New Maritime Security Threats  ":  Navigating maritime disputes in Southeast Asia

- (Inquirer 8/6) Naked aggression - If China believes it can ignore the protests of a small nation with hardly any military capability to speak of, it may yet think differently if the international community is sufficiently roused to condemn its naked aggression; Gazmin: China to lose face with incursions

- (Canberra Times 7/6) Beijing rocks the boat on its South China Sea quest

- (Reuters 7/6) China, Vietnam, Philippines press maritime claims - "The U.S. presence is a deterrence to any unlawful activity in the South China Sea,", Philippine Defence Secretary Voltaire Gazmin

- (TaiwanNews 7/6) Philippines says China violates accord on islands

- (Asahi 7/6) China, Vietnam butt heads over the South China Sea at security conference - China emphasized it is promoting peace and cooperation in the South China Sea at a three-day security conference here, but Vietnam said Beijing's statement is far from reality. 

- (VNN 6/6) Vietnam brings Binh Minh 02 case to Asian security forum -  General Phung Quang Thanh, Minister of National Defense of Vietnam, on June 5, mentioned the Binh Minh 02 incident in his speech, which was delivered at the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore.

- (TodayOnline 6/6) China allays fears with message of peace - Peace was mentioned no less than 27 times in the 45-minute speech of China's Minister for National Defence, General Liang Guanglie (picture), at the Shangri-La Dialogue yesterday.

- (Malaya 6/6) ‘Don’t link arms upgrade to Spratlys’- Philippines Former Armed Forces chief and now Parañaque Rep. Rodolfo Biazon

- (Straits Times/Viet-studies 6/6) Beijing Turns Up Heat in S. China Sea - US ambiguity "may embolden" China's Spratly policy

- (Alaska 6/6) As China rises, Asia eyes better channels for security talks

- (TodayOnline 5/6) Clashes in South China Sea, if no 'rules of the road': Gates

- (Straits Times 5/6) Hundreds of Vietnamese protest China - The protests follow a May 26 incident when a Chinese patrol boat allegedly destroyed the cable on a state-owned PetroVietnam boat conducting seismic research off Vietnam's central coast; (Reuters 5/6) Hundreds protest in Vietnam against China over sea row

- (Inquirer 5/6) DFA raps China over intrusions in local waters - The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) yesterday accused China of undermining peace and stability in Asia by allegedly sending naval vessels to intimidate rival claimants in disputed sections of the South China Sea.

- (Bloomberg 5/6) China’s Worried Neighbors Query South China Sea Peace Pledge

- (Financial Times 4/6) US warns Beijing over South China Sea

- (Asia Times 4/6) Southeast Asia rises in US reset - The United States is rolling out a shift in its Asian security focus from North Asia to South Asia, while taking pains to assert that the policy is based on working with China, not against it.

- (Foreign Policy 3/6) Inside the U.S.-China meeting in Singapore - Both sides claimed progress in U.S.-China military relations, while largely avoiding contentious issues such as U.S. arms sales to Taiwan and growing competition in Southeast Asia; (New York Times 3/5) U.S. Won’t Become Isolationist, Gates Tells Worried Asian Leaders

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