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Weekly News 12 - 19 June

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- Conference on Maritime Security in the South China Sea (CSIS, Washington DC.): Agenda


+China and the South China Sea: Time for  Code of Conduct by Aileen S.P. Baviera

+China's Fishing Ban in the South China Sea: Implications for Territorial Disputes by Nguyen Dang Thang


- (The Jamestown Foundation 17/6) Taiwan Pivots in the South China Sea by Russell Hsiao


- International Conference on Joint Development and the South China Sea organised by the Centre for International Law (CIL), National University of Singapore on the 16th and 17th of June 2011.

-(Asia Times 17/6) Waters roil in the South China Sea by Joel D Adriano: Escalating tensions between China and Southeast Asian claimants to the Spratly Islands threaten to spill over into a full-blown conflict.

-(ABC 17/6) Philippines to report China to U.N. over incursions into Philippine territory in the disputed Spratly islands, a Malacañang official said Thursday.

-(Xinhuanet 16/6) Chinese judge re-elected to UN Court for Law of Sea – “Without China's support, it is impossible for me to be elected” Gao told reporters.

-(Jarkata Globe 16/6) As China makes waves in the South China Sea, Neighbours need more than names

-(Diplomat 16/6) The Limits to US-Vietnam Ties by Richard Pearson
-(AFP 16/6) Beijing sends ship to disputed South China Sea China said Thursday it had sent a maritime patrol vessel to the disputed waters of the South China Sea but insisted it remains committed to peace in the region despite tensions with its neighbours.

-(Christian Science Monitor 16/6) Vietnam-China Spratly Islands dispute threatens to escalate: Tensions between China and Vietnam have risen in recent weeks, with Vietnam expressing alarm at what it says are increasingly aggressive actions by China in disputed waters.

-(China Daily 16/6) US creates the storm over South China Sea 

-(Straits Times 16/6) Beijing calls for co-operation with Taipei on islands 

-(Canberra Times 16/6) China asserts its own Monroe Doctrine in SE Asia by Michael Richardson.

-(Manila Tribune 16/6) Republic of Philippines welcomes US Offer of Help but Lauds China Initiative.

-(IBT 16/6) South China Sea: Escalating Sino-Vietnam dispute ‘too costly’ analysts say by Michael Martin.

-(Inquirer 16/6) Revival of Spratlys oil deal pushed

-(ArabNews 16/6) David and Goliath: Vietnam confronts China over South China sea energy riches: An increasingly fractious maritime confrontation is developing in the South China Sea, with enormous implications for international companies interested in developing East Asia’s offshore hydrocarbon resources.

-(International Business Times 15/6) China-Vietnam: Weighing the Cost-Benefit of War in South China Sea Face-Off

-(Focus Taiwan 15/6) Reasonable opening only way to influence China: president

-(Philippin Inquirer 15/6) Palace relieved by China’s vow not to use force in Spratlys

-(Manila Standard 15/6) US backs Manila’s claims; Beijing slams WashingtonWishful thinking 

-(Jakarta Post 15/6)  Keep ‘em talking

-(Kompas Cyber Media 15/6 "Letter to President Hu"

-(Global Times 15/6)  Keep Sea issue simple, says Beijing

-(China Daily 15/6)  Maritime meddling

-(BBC 14/6)  China extending military reach

-(Asia Sentinel 14/6) China's Ominous South China Sea Claims - The confrontation between Chinaand Vietnam is a confrontation over ownership of the whole body of water.

- (National Interest 14/6) More Trouble in the South China Sea by Ted Galen Carpenter The Chinese Foreign Ministry accused Vietnam of “gravely violating” China’s sovereignty and maritime rights when a Chinese fishing boat became entangled in cables from a Vietnamese ship that was conducting seismic surveys.

-(New York Times 14/6)  China Navy Reaches Far, Unsettling The Region

-(The Guardian 14/6) Vietnam holds live-fire exercises as territorial dispute with China escalates: Beijing warns other regional powers not to become involved in row over South China Sea islands and surrounding waters.

-(Wall Street Journal 14/6Hanoi Tries to Ease Rift With Beijing by James Hookway; Beijing Warns Against Sea Meddling

- (BBC News 14/6) China 'will not use force' in South China Sea disputes: China has said it will not resort to the use of force to resolve maritime border disputes in the South China Sea.

-(Global post 14/6) South China Sea: China vs. Vietnam: Amid the escalating dispute over territorial waters, China’s rivals are toying with a simple idea: change the name of the sea.

-(CNN 14/6) China blames Vietnam for rising tensions over disputed sea: China Tuesday blamed its neighbors for escalating tensions in the South China Sea, one day after the Vietnamese navy held a live-fire drill in disputed waters.

-(Reuters 14/6) China warns outside nations to stay out of sea dispute-paper: China vehemently opposes external powers meddling in territorial disputes over the South China Sea, the main military newspaper said on Tuesday, after Vietnam asked for international help to defuse tensions over the potentially resource-rich region. 

-(Wall Street Journal 14/6Turbulent Waters in the South China Sea by Micheal Auslin: Mounting territorial aggression destabilizes the region and puts the global economy at risk.

-(South China morning post 14/6) Vietnam, U.S. to hold naval exercises: Vietnam will hold joint naval drills with the US next month - a move which could further stoke tensions over the South China Sea....; Sailing into troubled waters by Greg Torode: Relations between China and Vietnam are tense, with a series of incidents in the South China Sea showing that the boundary dispute there is heating up..

-(Foreign Policy 13/6) The brinkmanship in South China SeaLast Friday, the U.S. State Department said it is "troubled" by the rise in tensions.

-(BBC News 13/6) Vietnam in live-fire drill amid South China Sea rows: Vietnam is holding live-fire drills in the South China Sea amid high tensions with China over disputed waters.

-(Reuters 13/6) Factbox: The South China Sea's disputed maritime borders; Timeline: Tensions increase over South China claims: China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia and Brunei claim parts or all of the South China Sea, a territory believed to be sitting on rich deposits of oil, gas and minerals, as well as being a major shipping lane.

-(Manila Times 13/6) More patrols in South China Sea soughtLawyers over the weekend urged the government to step up its efforts in patrolling the waters near the Spratly Islands amid diplomatic tensions arising from the recent alleged intrusions of Chinese vessels in the vicinity.

-(Asian Correspondent 13/6) South China Sea crisis: Would the US go to war for the Philippines?  Would the US – its global dominance waning and its economy increasingly reliant on China – go to war for the Philippines? Why on earth would the Americans do that?

-(Strait Times 13/6US urges peaceful end to South China Sea tensions: The United States is 'troubled' by tensions triggered by a maritime border dispute in the South China Sea, US officials said on Friday, calling for a 'peaceful' resolution to the crisis.

-(Tribune Daily 13/6) Palace warned vs invoking MDT: Malacañang was cautioned yesterday against invoking the US-Philippine Mutual Defense Treaty (MDT) in a heated territorial dispute with the Beijing government without carefully studying its provisions in light of a statement by a Palace aide who said Washington will help the country should the row over the Spratly Islands worsen.

-(Asia News Network 13/6) Manila names disputed Spratly areas 'West Philippine Sea' The Philippine government has apparently made it settled doctrine to use "West Philippine Sea" to refer to the waters west of the country where the Philippines has overlapping territorial claims with five other nations, instead of the all-embracing tag of "South China Sea".

-(The Diplomatic 12/6) How can China avoid next conflict? by MinxinPei: The latest spat betweenChina and Vietnam looks dangerously close to escalating. China needs to take the lead in finding a solution.



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