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Weekly News 20 – 27/6

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- (AFP/Sinchew 24/6Philippines seeks US arms amid China tension: The Philippines said Thursday it hoped to lease naval equipment from the United States, calling for a "reset" in the two nations' alliance in the face of rising friction at sea with China.

 - (Financial Times 24/6) US backs Philippines in South China Sea: Hillary Clinton, US secretary of state, on has pledged to support the Philippines amid growing tensions between China and its neighbours in disputed areas of the South China Sea.

- (Policy Review June 1)  Countering Beijing in the South China Sea by Dana Dillon: Why the U.S. must not let China’s territorial ambitions go unopposed.

- (CNN 23/6) Chinese dilemmas in the South China Sea

- (Xinhua 23/6) China says it strictly abides by Declaration on South China Sea: China said on Thursday that it always strictly follows the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea.

- (Asia Times 24/6) US-Philippines flex collective muscle: the United States and Philippines now find themselves shifting to another battle front: checking China's provocations on the high seas. 

- (National Defense 22/6McCain Warns of ‘Flashpoint’ in the South China Sea: Tensions between China and its less powerful neighbors over territorial claims in the South China Sea could erupt into conflict, Sen. John McCain said recently.

- (The Philippine Star 24/6) South China Sea issue by Roberto R. Romulo; China's sea aims: Naval might, oil by Jarius Bondoc.

- (NYT 22/6) China Warns U.S. on South China Sea Disputes: The Chinese vice foreign minister warned the United States on Wednesday to stay out of the increasingly tense territorial disputes and maritime conflicts in the South China Sea, which has some of the busiest shipping lanes in the world and is believed to be rich in oil and natural gas reserves.

- (WSJ 22/6) China: U.S. Should Stay Out of Regional Disputes 

- (AP 22/6) China warns US to stay out of maritime spat: China on Wednesday warned the United States to stay out of the deepening territorial spat in the South China Sea and accused other countries in the region of provocation, a report said.

- (SCMP 22/6) Tougher action possible but war unlikely in spat: Some analysts favour military moves to boost Beijing's territorial claims while others call for peaceful talks

- (Nation 22-6-11) Asean is living dangerously in South China Sea Rival territorial claims among members of the regional grouping threaten to undermine national resolve in the face of Chinese aggression


- (VOA 21/6)  China Warns Vietnam of Possible Military Response in South China SeaBeijing will "take whatever measures necessary," including military action, to protect its interests in the South China Sea; China Warns Vietnam of Possible Military Response in South China Sea.

- (Washington Post 21/6) Vietnam, China hold joint naval patrol despite ongoing spat over disputed territory

- (AFP 20/6) Build unified ASEAN in South China Sea: McCain: 

- (Diplomat 21/6) Weakness of ASEAN way

 - (People's Daily 20/6) Vietnam should wake up to Danger! 
(The Washington Post 20/6) In South China Sea, every side has its say 

- (Financial Times 20/6) Vietnam’s fishermen on front line in China clash

- (Japan Times 20/6) South China Sea is not Shangri-La by Michael Richardson: As China's power becomes ever more obvious, especially to neighbors in Asia, Chinese leaders are finding it increasingly difficult to reconcile soothing words with assertive actions.

- (South China Morning Post 20/6)  South China Sea stand-off is just storm in a teacup

- (Diplomat 20/6) Why US Can’t Contain China.

- (Wall Street Journal 20/6)  China Leaders Laud 'Red' Campaign 

- (Philippine Star 19/6) 6 Asean states join call for peaceful resolution: Six Southeast Asian countries have joined the Philippines in calling for a peaceful resolution and the use of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea in resolving disputes over some areas in the West Philippine Sea and South China Sea; Palace welcomes Asean 'peace' call: The Philippine government yesterday lauded the six fellow members of the ASEAN that called for a peaceful resolution of the disputed Spratly Islands in the West Philippine Sea and adherence to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea in resolving the issue.

- (Australian 20/6) Chinese naval display may backfire: It must have been intended by the Chinese military as an assertion of bold confidence, a statement of authority by an aspiring superpower in the sea it regards as its own backyard.

- (WSJ 18/6) Beijing Stages South China Sea Military Drills: China said it staged maritime defense exercises in the South China Sea, just four days after Vietnam conducted live-fire drills in the same disputed waters, the latest development in an escalating confrontation between Beijing and two of its Southeast Asian neighbors.

- (Diplomat 19/6) The US-China Military Ties Reality: Defence ties between the US and China have improved dramatically in the past year. But have they hit their limits?

- (Bloomberg 18/6) U.S. Says S. China Sea Events ‘Troubling’ After Vietnam Meeting Stability in South China Sea is in the “common interests” of the international community, the U.S. and Vietnam said in a joint statement in which the American side referred to “troubling incidents” recently in the area.

- (South China Morning Post 18/6) Manila sends its flagship to shoal:

- (China Times 18/6) Tensions in South China sea won't escalate

- (Manila Bulletin 18/6) Rizal, Spratlys, China, Philippines, Vietnam by former president Ramos.

- (Department of State 17/6) U.S.-Vietnam Political, Security, and Defense Dialogue a joint statement issued following the 2011 U.S.-Vietnam Political, Security, and Defense Dialogue.

- (AFP 17/6US, Vietnam urge peace in South China SeaThe United States and Vietnam have jointly called for freedom of navigation and rejected the use of force in the South China Sea, amid simmering tensions between Beijing and its neighbors.

- (Diplomat 17/6)  Why Not to Sweat About China: Its current row with Vietnam in the South China Sea has alarmed many observers. But a similar spat with Japan shows that conflict isn’t inevitable.

- (International Business Times 17/6) South China Sea: China shows more muscle in face-off with Vietnam: Although China has promised that it won't use force in the mounting face-off with Vietnam, the People's Republic is taking measures to show muscle in the disputed South China Sea.

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