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Weekly News 25/07-31/07

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-(WSJ 28/07) China, Russia Plan Naval Drills in South China Sea: They are the first joint exercises in the South China Sea between China and Russia. They follow international tribunal’s rejection of Chinese maritime claims.

-(Foreignpolicy 27/07) The Paradox at the Heart of the South China Sea Ruling: What looked like a huge defeat for China may actually play into Beijing's hands.

-(Reuters 27/07) U.S. diplomatic strategy on South China Sea appears to founder, Washington appeared reluctant to push a tougher line with Beijing.

-(Nationalinterest 27/07) The Philippines' Biggest South China Sea Problem: It has one of the weakest, rustiest navies in the region.

-(Forbes 27/07) What Happens If China Declares An Air Defense Zone Over The Disputed South China Sea: China would be using the ADIZ to flex muscle and draw attention. But Beijing is unlikely to enforce any zone. It will just create the zone to save face.

-(CNN 27/07) US Navy to China: We'll continue operations in South China SeaThe Obama administration has made it "absolutely clear" to China, CNO Adm. Richardson said.

-(SCMP 27/07) Time to turn new page on South China Sea, says John Kerry: US secretary of state pledges to encourage Philippines to resume talks with China over maritime disputes.

-(TheGuardian 25/07) Neighbours avoid criticising Beijing over South China Sea. -(The Star 26/07) U.S., Japan, Australia slam China over South China Sea after weak ASEAN ruling: In a joint statement, the three countries expressed ‘strong support’ for Southeast Asian nations in territorial disputes with China.

-(WSJ 26/07) Southeast Asian Bloc Finds Unity on South China Sea Dispute, but their statement doesn’t mention ruling against Beijing’s claims to strategic waters.

-(National Interest 26/07) Could Law Save the South China Sea From Disaster? The decision has set a precedent that could pave the way for the Tribunal to not only neutralize many of the contentious maritime disputes in the region, but also emerge as a platform through which negotiated settlements can be reached.

-(Atimes 26/07) Why Vietnam might need to embrace ‘shamefare’ in the South China Sea, it is to make Beijing pay a heavy price for its actions.

-(The Diplomat 26/07) Why the South China Sea Ruling Is a Game Changer: Make no mistake: the verdict has transformed the strategic landscape.

-(Ibtimes 26/07) India-China relations: Harm to bilateral ties as Delhi blasts Beijing over South China Sea: India has adopted a harsher tone at Beijing over their rejection of The Hague's ruling.

-(WSJ 26/07) A Flawed Verdict in the South China Sea: Taiwan rejects the court’s decision, which was not based on all the facts. -(Forbes 26/07) Taiwanese Fishing Boats Sail To Disputed Taiping Island

-(ABC 26/07) China asks US to support resumption of talks with Philippines. -(ABS-CBN 26/07) US backs resumption of China-PH talks on S. China Sea 

-(Nationmultimedia 24/07) Asean foreign ministers face challenge to reach consensus after South China Sea ruling. The problem is some governments such as Cambodia have announced their positions on the PCA judgement, so it is difficult for them compromise. (Inquirer 24/07) No Asean consensus on South China Sea row for now.

-(WSJ 24/07) Asean Looks for Wiggle Room to Skirt South China Sea Impasse: Some Southeast Asian nations considering changes to bloc rules that require consensus, so as to allow majority decisions.

-(Nationalinterest 24/07) China Stole This Fighter From Russia—and It's Coming to the South China Sea, the J-11 and the Flanker-derived J-15 and J-16 have been at the forefront of Chinese efforts to produce long-range fourth-generation fighters that can contest the seas around China

-(Nikkei 24/07) All key parties in South China Sea dispute to meet: With China insisting it will not accept the ruling, the world is closely watching to see how countries might pressure Beijing here in the capital of land-locked Laos.

-(Forbes 24/07) What Does Apple Have To Do With The South China Sea? The company’s stores in China couldn’t escape the angry protests of Chinese nationalists trying to boycott Apple products.. Is China trying to slide back to the old days of poverty and isolation?

-(Inquirer 23/07) Cambodia blocking Asean consensus on South China Sea—diplomat: “It’s very grave. Cambodia just opposes almost everything, even reference to respect for legal and diplomatic processes which already has been in previous statements,” a diplomat said.

-(Foxnews 23/07) ASEAN split on how to deal with China in South China Sea row. -(Theguardian  23/07) John Kerry to press for diplomatic solution to South China Sea tensions

-(Indiatimes 23/07) China removed missiles from South China Sea islands, after US withdrew its aircraft carrier ahead of a landmark verdict by an UN-backed tribunal, a media report said on 23/07.

- (WSJ 23/07) 5 Things About Asean and the South China Sea Dispute.



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