Weekly News 15/08 - 21/08

Thứ ba, 16 Tháng 8 2016 15:39

-(Channelnewsasia 21/08) Singapore must choose its own place to stand on South China Sea issue, PM Lee said, Singapore must support and strive for a “rules-based international order” and depends on words and treaties. "They mean everything to us."

-(Japantoday 21/08) China strongly warns Japan not to send SDF to South China Sea;-(Forbes 21/08) China Sets A "Red Line" For Japan In South China Sea; -(News 21/08) China’s ambassador warns Japan of consequences for South China Sea dispute.

-(Foxnews 21/08) Chinese ships, planes conduct war games in Sea of Japan, during which Beijing displayed its latest-generation frigate at a time of bitter territorial disputes with Asian neighbors.

-(Nationmultimedia 21/08) Duterte won't mention South China Sea at Asean meeting, "I will only bring up the issue when we are together face to face," Duterte said


-(Thediplomat 19/08) The US-China Perception Gap in the South China Sea: The United States and China perceive the South China Sea issue in starkly different terms.

-(Thediplomat.com 17/08) Can China Keep India Silent Over the South China Sea? China wants to make sure India does not raise the issue at the upcoming G20 Summit.

-(ABS 17/08) More Chinese ships deployed off Senkakus than in S. China Sea: Japan has become increasingly concerned by Beijing's maritime assertiveness; -(Ibtimes 17/08)  East China Sea Dispute: Japan Releases Footage Showing Chinese Vessels Approaching Senkaku Islands

-(Nikkei 17/08) Beijing, ASEAN eye South China Sea conduct code in 2017;-(Thejakartapost 17/08) Jokowi continues to push for settlement in South China Sea disputes.

-(Foreign Policy 16/08) Here’s How the Philippines Can Win in the South China Sea: A third-century Roman dictator may have the answers.

-(SCMP 16/08) Chinese diplomat tells Singapore to stay out of South China Sea disputes. Caution from vice-minister at Asean meeting comes as China and the bloc make progress on maritime code of conduct.

-(Ibtimes 16/08) South China Sea dispute could lead to long and destructive US-China war: A study has concluded that the US should invest in submarines and missiles to decrease the Chinese threat.

-(News 16/08) China could begin reclamation in disputed Scarborough Shoal as early as next month, the time of the US election, in a move that would almost certainly exacerbate ongoing tensions with the US.

-(Theconversation 16/08) Fishing, not oil, is at the heart of the South China Sea dispute: indications show 55% of global marine fishing vessels operate in the South China Sea and fish stocks have declined 70% to 95% since the 1950s.

-(Bloomberg 16/08) Indonesia to Sink 71 Foreign Fishing Boats Amid South China Sea Tensions that to signal its determination to protect its sovereignty over lucrative fishing grounds in the South China Sea.

-(Nationalinterest 16/08) America and China Are Locked in Battle for Control of the South China Sea: The future of the global maritime commons and the Asian balance of power is at stake.

-(Reuters 16/08) Indonesia actively involved in resolving South China Sea disputes. "We continue to push for peaceful resolutions to international conflicts," Joko Widodo said.

-(Thediplomat 16/08) Is China-Philippines Bilateralism on the South China Sea Going Anywhere?: Fidel Ramos’ “Track II” overture maintains steam, but can bilateralism lead to a positive outcome?

-(Businessinsider 16/08) Japan is thinking about transferring 2 coast guard ships to the Philippines amid South China Sea tensions. Japan is set to start delivering next week.


-(Stripes 16/08) Japan plans land-to-sea missile system as tensions mount with China: the statement clearly aimed at China that the missiles could be trained on foreign vessels in the East China Sea if activities expand in that area.

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