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Weekly News 05/09 - 11/09

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-(The Guardian 8/9) Beijing warns US to stay out of South China Sea dispute: Obama hits back by telling Asian leaders China must abide by the international tribunal ruling that its claims to the area have no legal basis. -(Reuters 8/9) As Obama caps years of Asia 'pivot', regional tensions smolder

-(National Interest 8/9) Why China's 'Bully' Strategy in the South China Sea (and Beyond) Has Failed: There is no sign that Japan has softened its position on any key dispute with China, and the pressure on South Korea and Australia has backfired.

-(The Wall Street Journal 8/9) Asean, China Plan Hotline to Avoid South China Sea Clashes: Relatively minor achievement underscores difficulty in resolving competing territorial claims in the area.

 -(CNN 8/9) South China Sea: China building more islands? The Philippines has released images of Chinese ships it says are capable of dredging near the disputed Scarborough Shoal.

-(CSIS 7/9) Are maritime law enforcement forces destabilizing Asia? Of the 45 major incidents identified in the South China Sea between 2010 and 2016, at least one China Coast Guard (or other Chinese maritime law enforcement) vessel was involved in 68 percent of incidents.

-(Channel NewsAsia 7/9) South China Sea crisis presents opportunity for ASEAN-China: "This issue can be turned to our advantage in pursuit of the common goal of regional peace and stability, which are essential prerequisites for continued economic growth”.

-(National Interest 7/9) Is China Getting Ready to Build a New Military Base in the South China Sea? The 11 Chinese ships deployed around Scarborough Shoal include four Chinese maritime security ships and seven blue-hulled ships that could be either fishing-related ships or possibly construction and dredging vessels.

-(Nikkei 7/9) Duterte's tirade dampens alliance with US on South China Sea: The firebrand president usually shrugs off any backlash, but angering the U.S. could have serious consequences.

-(The Nation 7/9) Asean summits: All eyes on the South China Sea: The spotlight of world politics has swung to Laos as world leaders gather in Vientiane for two summits aimed at boosting regional and global cooperation but overshadowed by seething tensions in the South China Sea. –(Kyodo 6/9) ASEAN unity in the spotlight after South China Sea ruling

-(CS Monitor 7/9) How the South China Sea fight could go digital: Considering that China lost a border war against Vietnam in 1979, China's leaders may opt for measures short of war to influence Hanoi’s behavior rather than risk another conflict.

-(Reuters 05/09) China's Xi at G20 says world economy at risk, warns against protectionism: It followed bilateral talks with Barack Obama that the U.S. president described as "extremely productive", but which failed to bring both sides closer on thornier topics such as tensions in the South China Sea.

-(Nytimes 05/09) New Chinese Vessels Seen Near Disputed Reef in South China Sea: The presence of the Chinese ships during the Group of 20 summit meeting in Hangzhou seemed particularly provocative.

-(Bangkokpost 05/09) Asean to avoid mentioning ruling on South China Sea: Leaders of the 10-member ASEAN limit themselves to reiterating their concerns over developments in the disputed sea without mentioning China by name.

-(SCMP 04/09) Dialogue in the dark and South China Sea disputes: Obama and Xi Jinping’s long chats and night stroll ahead of G20 summit: The two presidents and their delegations met for more than four hours before Obama and Xi talked one-on-one

-(Theguardian 03/09) Obama warns Beijing against South China Sea aggression: “You’ve got to abide by international law.” (Indiatimes 03/09) Play constructive role in South China Sea dispute, Xi Jinping tells Barack Obama

-(ABC 03/09) Pentagon denies Australia under pressure to take sides in dispute: The Pentagon has distanced itself from a US Army Colonel who this week suggested Australia should take a stronger stance against China's military expansion in the South China Sea.

-(Forbes 03/09) China's Energy Insecurity Glaring In South China Sea Dispute: China has looked to secure the South China Sea in order to lock in its oil supply. It has dug in its heels and refused to back down from its claim on the sea.

-(Manilatimes 03/09) Duterte questions China sea buildup: The President warned China against continuing its reclamation activities.

-(Forbes  03/09) China And America Are Counting Their True Allies: America got India on its side. And China convinced America’s neighbor and close ally Canada to join the China-backed AIIB, and remain silent on the dispute.

-(The Hill 03/09) The South China Sea and America’s role in global stability: The United States must not pull back.

-(Realclearpolitics 03/09) Is Naval Conflict With China Inevitable?

-(Bloomberg 02/09) Kerry's Soft Words Blunt U.S. Hard Power in South China Sea, while America's friends need to know their most important ally is willing to stand up to China in the South China Sea.

-(Nationalinterest 02/09) Would America Really Go to War Over the South China Sea? The present ambiguity about America’s resolve is the most dangerous possible situation.

-(Asiamaritime 02/09) South China Sea dispute high on agenda of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Vietnam talks? India is expected to give four patrol boats to Vietnam, a transfer holding significance in the context of Vietnam’s claims against China in the South China Sea.

-(WSJ 02/09) Philippines’ Duterte Says Arbitration Ruling to Be Basis of South China Sea Talks: Duterte said he favors direct negotiations with China

-(SMH 02/09) Chinese bomber planes from South China Sea and future missiles could threaten Australia: "China's trying to send a signal that, if Australia gets involved directly or indirectly in joint patrols in the South China Sea, Australia shouldn't assume that its distance protects it.

-(Thediplomat 02/09) China's Non-Chinese Approach to the South China Sea": Why has China undertaken such a radical departure in its foreign policy approach, as regards the South China Sea?

-(Indiatimes 02/09) Delhi spells out Indian Ocean policy amid tension over South China Sea: As a State Party to the UNCLOS, India urges all parties to show utmost respect for the UNCLOS, which establishes the international legal order of the seas and oceans."




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