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Weekly News 26/9-2/10

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-(Nikkei 29/9) Philippines, Vietnam discuss security partnership in South China Sea: Their meeting here marked the first visit to Vietnam by a Philippine president in 22 years. 

-(Reuters 29/9) China armed forces warn Japan against South China sea patrols and it would not sit watching from the sidelines

-(Nikkei 29/9) Singapore PM warns against 'law of the jungle' in South China Sea and emphasized the importance of international rules for small countries like Singapore

-(National interest 28/9) Does Russia Have a South China Sea Problem?: What we’re seeing can  be more accurately described as a transient confluence of limited interests, rather than a deep strategic commitment between Russia and China

-(Atimes 27/9) Chinese paper accused of fabricating South China Sea story and said Singapore’s attempt was foiled by the opposition of “many” other countries.

-(The Diplomat 27/9) France Unveils Its Defense Strategy in the South China Sea and Beyond: Now is the best time for France and for EU to strike while the iron is hot in Asia.

-(SCMP 27/9) China’s foreign ministry joins war of words against Singapore over South China Sea dispute: The recent incident underscores the difficulty Singapore faces in maintaining good ties with an assertive Beijing.

-(Straitstimes 27/9) Singapore envoy refutes China report on South China Sea: Republic's Ambassador to China Stanley Loh said Singapore did not raise the South China Sea territorial dispute or a July arbitral tribunal ruling on the dispute at a recent multilateral summit in Venezuela

-(SCMP 26/9) South China Sea fishing rights at top of Philippine president Duterte’s agenda in Beijing: Duterte might also push for more Chinese tourists to visit the Philippines, and China to relax curbs on imports of Philippine agriculture products

-(Philstar 26/9) US concerned over Philippines' sea row agenda, says Yasay: Duterte's government has been forging a foreign policy that is relatively distant from the US while cozying with China.

-(Stratfor 26/9) Cooperation as a Means to All Ends in the South China Sea: The shifting status quo in the South China Sea may give claimant states, especially China, second thoughts about entering into joint development deals.

060205-N-7130B-036.jpg-(CNN 26/9) Japan scrambles jets as China flies fleet near disputed islands: China's Air Force sent more than 40 aircraft to the West Pacific near the Japanese island of Okinawa on Sunday, for what state-media called routine drills.

-(Navytimes 26/9) 4-star admiral wants to confront China. The White House says not so fast: Dm. Harry Harris is proposing a muscular U.S. response to China's island-building that may include launching aircraft and conducting military operations within 12 miles of man-made islands


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