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Weekly News 16/01 - 22/01

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-(Nationalinterest 19/01) Trump was not likely to change the situation dramatically: Greater risks loom on the horizon.

-(Sky 19/01) China's warning to Donald Trump over disputed islands in South China Sea: The editor of a state-run newspaper says her country will use military force if the US interferes in the South China Sea.

-(Janes 18/01) Malaysia to establish three designated submarine exercise areas in South China Sea. The move is being undertaken to enhance submarine operating safety in the region, said the Royal Malaysian Navy

-(The Conversation 17/01) Why is the South China Sea so important to the US? That because of China’s challenge to the liberal rules-based order that America has promoted since the Pacific war.

-(Rappler 17/01) China's sea militarization 'very troubling', that actions do not square with the Chinese government's rhetoric that its purpose is peaceful and friendly."

-(Nationmultimedia 17/01) Legal options best for South China Sea, as the new US administration under Donald 

-(SMH 17/01)  Japan to supply new patrol boats to Vietnam: "We will strongly support Vietnam's enhancing its maritime law enforcement capability," Abe said; (Japantimes 17/01) Abe pledges fresh security-related aid to Vietnam

-(Channelnewsasia 16/01) Philippines filed diplomatic protest over South China Sea buildup, after confirmation of a report about a weapons buildup on seven artificial islands in the Spratlys; CNNphilippines 16/01) Philippines exercising diplomatic options over South China Sea issue

-(Foreign Policy 15/1) Is Tillerson Willing to Go to War Over South China Sea?: TThe Exxon boss has shown before he can take Beijing to the limit — but as Secretary of State the stakes will be far higher.

-(Reuters 15/1) China and Vietnam to 'manage' differences over South China Sea, in a joint communique issued during a visit to China by Vietnamese Communist Party chief Nguyen Phu Trong.

3d(3).jpg-(Japan Times 15/1) As Trump era looms, Beijing fortifies the South China Sea: Beijing is looking to adapt on the fly to the new team in Washington, which has a frenetic, and uncertain, foreign policy direction toward China and the region.

-(Japan Times 15/1) Abe, Jokowi unite on South China Sea disputes, plan ‘two plus two’ meeting: The two countries will also strengthen maritime cooperation with regard to the Indonesian Navy’s patrolling of areas in the vicinity of the Natuna Islands.Japan PM says important to solve South China Sea conflict peacefully

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