Weekly News 27/2-5/3

Thứ năm, 02 Tháng 3 2017 10:45

 -(The Diplomat 2/3) The Philippines' South China Sea Flip-Flop: The Duterte administration’s inconsistent approach toward the disputes is making diplomacy even more difficult.

-(Reuters 1/3) Is Beijing outflanking the United States in the South China Sea? Within a little more than a decade, China’s People’s Liberation Army Navy may have more warships than Washington under its command. –(Business Insider 1/3) Here's how the US military is sticking it to Beijing in the South China Sea

-(ABS CBN News 1/3) Time to lower expectations on Code of Conduct in South China Sea, since circumstances have changed since 2002 when the original idea for a code of conduct was hatched.

-(Atimes 28/2) The South China Sea and the Times Square squad car: Are US Navy patrols in the South China Sea the "right of incoherent passage?"

-(Vietnamplus 28/2) Vietnam rejects China’s new fishing regulations: This unilateral decision runs counter to the spirit and wording of the DOC, and makes the SCS situation continuously complicated and tense.

-(Atimes 27/2) China vs. America in the SCS: What Should Donald Trump Do? Washington must send a clear signal to Beijing: that it understands its concerns and is willing to address them in a responsible way that benefits all claimants in the region. 

-(Channel NewsAsia 27/2) Philippines needs clarity on China ties before lifting SCS exploration halt: It is being studied whether it is "high time to lift the suspension," Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi said.

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