Weekly News 3/4 - 9/4

Thứ ba, 04 Tháng 4 2017 10:11

-(Reuters 6/4) China fighter plane spotted on South China Sea island: “This isn’t a first, but it’s the first time in a year," said AMTI director Greg Poling.

-(CNN 6/4) Duterte orders Philippines military to occupy islands: Duterte's comments seem to mark a departure from his previous policy, and suggests a desire to pursue the type of militarization Beijing has been accused of bringing to the region.

-(AMTI 6/4) The modernization of the Vietnam People’s Navy: Grand Goals and Limited Options: In deploying the full fleet, the VPN became the owner of the largest submarine fleet in Southeast Asia.

-(AMTI 5/4) Tracking China’s coast guard off Borneo: There is a near-constant presence of China’s coast guard vessels at Luconia Shoals.

-(The Jakarta Post 5/4) Indonesia must lead for sake of its interests in South China Sea: Indonesia is the only country in the region with the requisite moral authority and capacity for leadership on the disputes.

-(Reuters 4/4) China, ASEAN make progress on framework deal on disputed sea, said the Philippine acting foreign minister.

 -(CNBC 4/4) Military nightmare scenario brewing in the East China Sea: While the world watches mounting military tensions in the SCS, another, more ominous situation is brewing in the East China Sea that could be the trigger point for a major war between the superpowers.

-(CNN 4/4) PH envoy explains approach to sensitive issues with China: It would be best to focus first on things the Philippines could agree on with the Asian superpower.

-(Lowy Institute 3/4) What is Vietnam’s fishing flotilla doing at Scarborough Shoal? Significantly, Vietnam Coast Guard vessels are also present. –(PhilStar 3/4) Seen fishing on Panatag, Vietnam gains from Philippines' arbitral win

-(National Interest 3/4) China's South China Sea Challenge: What Should Donald Trump Do? Beijing’s actions are forcing the Trump administration to make tough choices.

-(The Bangkok Post 4/4) Hope for sea row talks: Last week in Cambodia, China and Asean held their first meaningful discussion in years on the South China Sea.

-(PhilStar 2/4) US guided-missile destroyer now in Subic: The USS Fitzgerald of the US Carrier Strike Group 5 made a brief port call in Subic before taking part in the joint naval drill in South Korea.

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