Weekly News 10/4-16/4

Thứ hai, 10 Tháng 4 2017 17:42

(Reuters 13/4) Philippines' Duterte cancels visit to disputed South China Sea island, after Beijing warned him against the visit.

-(India-Briefing 12/4) Indian Navy Set to Patrol Malacca Straits Gateway to South China Sea: The move also signals that India is ready to take on greater responsibilities in acting as a counterweight to the perceived Chinese naval might.

-(Reuters 12/4) A journey to Scarborough Shoal, the South China Sea's 'Waterworld': For Filipino fishermen, a trip to the Scarborough Shoal in the South China Sea is an uncomfortable one at the best of times.

-(AMTI 12/4) Have We Already Lost The South China Sea? If nothing changes, China will establish de facto control over the water, airspace, and resources of the South China Sea.

-(ABS-CBN News 11/4) Duterte order to occupy PH islands in SCS meant to appease public, military: A recent survey saw a decline in Duterte's trust and approval ratings.

-(Reuters 10/4) Duterte says will reinforce, not militarise, Philippines-controlled islets: The purpose was to maintain the geopolitical balance.

-(Bloomberg 10/4) Duterte Softens Tone on U.S. Before SCS Talks: Duterte’s government wants the U.S. to actively promote security and cooperation in the South China Sea.

-(PhilStar 10/4) China: South China Sea stations have always been there: The Chinese Foreign Ministry stressed that China has never used the term "artificial islands" where they have stationed people.

-(GMA Network 9/4) PHL committed to improving relations with other South China Sea claimants: The statement came after China expressed concern over President Rodrigo Duterte's order to develop Philippine-occupied territories in the disputed seas.

-(National Interest 8/4) How China Plans to Dominate the South China Sea: Copy Great Britain: China wants American shipping vessels and warships, and those of its neighbors, to doff their flags in deference to Chinese sea power just as the British expected the Dutch to do.

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