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Weekly News 24/4 - 30/4

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-(Reuters 27/4) Push for South China Sea code stirs ASEAN suspicions about Beijing's endgame: "Some of us in ASEAN believe this is just another ploy by China to buy time," said one senior diplomat.

-(PhilStar 27/4) Indonesia's Widodo suggests joint infrastructure projects in South China Sea: A Code of Conduct in the South China Sea is needed, but it would only be a process towards an agreement.

-(USNI 26/4) PACOM to conduct South China Sea FONOPs ‘Soon,’ but also needs China to help with North Korea: Harris called China “aggressive” and said the country does not “seem to respect the international agreements they’ve signed.”

 -(Channel NewsAsia 26/4) ASEAN statement to go easy on Beijing over South China Sea dispute, and exclude references to militarisation or island-building.

-(SCMP 26/4) Is Philippines offering Beijing an olive branch over SCS? Manila will push for code of conduct to govern disputed waters at upcoming ASEAN summit. -(CNA 25/4) Trade and SCS likely issues on agenda at ASEAN Summit this week.

-(Xinhua 25/4) China begins deep-sea probe in South China Sea, the beginning of the second stage of China's 38th oceanic expedition.

-(Janes 25/4) Indonesia issues tender to upgrade naval pier on South China Sea island, allowing the deployment of larger vessels in the disputed maritime region.

-(SCMP 24/4) China’s coastguard staking claim to contested reefs in South China Sea: Near constant patrols at Luconia Shoals are a signal that China plans to maintain a maritime presence to most of the SCS.

-(Xinhua 23/4) Chinese submersible Jiaolong tested ahead of South China Sea dive: Jiaolong's South China Sea dive is part of the second stage of China's 38th ocean scientific expedition.

-(The New York Times 21/4) Philippines Sends Defense Chief to disputed South China Sea Island: The Chinese 20121221150026_Truong-Sa-6.jpgchallenged the flight at least four times on radio as it passed through the region. –(Inquirer 21/4) China warns PH military planes in South China Sea

-(USNI News 21/4) China and U.S. maintain fundamental rifts in talking about the SCS: The widely different definitions given to phrases, such as “freedom of navigation” or “rule of law,” between the West and Beijing greatly complicate the disputes in the SCS.

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