22 - 3 - 2018 | 9:01
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Weekly News 24/7-30/7

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-(Vietnamplus 28/7) Vietnam says others should respect its right to drill for SCS oil: "Vietnam's petroleum-related activities take place in the sea entirely under the sovereignty and jurisdiction of Vietnam."

-(SCMP 28/7) Xi personally behind island-building in the SCS: Communist Party mouthpiece praises president’s tough stance on maritime disputes with Asian neighbours.

-(Reuters 28/7) Vietnam asks Indonesia to investigate SCS shooting, and clarify reports that the Indonesian navy shot and wounded two Vietnamese fishermen in the South China Sea

-(The Guardian 27/7) Britain's new aircraft carriers to test Beijing in SCS: British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson commits ‘colossal’ carriers to embarking on freedom of navigation exercises in pointed remarks.

-(Strait Times 26/7) Indonesian navy says it did not shoot Vietnamese fishermen: The navy just chased the fishing boát away by firing warning shots into the air.

-(SCMP 27/7) Beijing sees joint energy venture with Manila as a ‘model’ for resolving SCS disputes, said Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi. -(Rappler 26/7) Joint development in disputed sea must follow PH laws

-(Reuters 25/7) China backs joint energy development with Philippines in SCS: Beijing has dropped a dozen undersea gliders designed to instantly send back data collected in the disputed waters.

-(SCMP 25/7) Beijing backs joint energy ventures with Manila in SCS: Chinese foreign minister said after Philippine President Duterte revealed partner had been found to develop oil fields and exploration.

-(Reuters 24/7) China says it wants to 'maintain stability' in disputed South China Sea, said Chinese Foreign 1325641415_img.jpgMinister Wang Yi on an official visit to Thailand.

-(Reuters 23/7) Vietnam says Indonesian navy shot its fishermen in South China Sea, wounded four Vietnamese fishermen aboard a fishing boat.

-(Japan Times 23/7) China opens movie theater on disputed island in South China Sea

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