Weekly News 31/7-6/8

Thứ ba, 01 Tháng 8 2017 09:28

-(VNExpress 3/8) Oil exploration in East Sea (SCS) down to Vietnam and Spanish partner: Vietnam affirms its right to drill for oil in its waters, calling it a 'normal business practice'

-(Reuters 3/8) China set for easy ride from ASEAN on disputed SCS: ASEAN) has omitted references to China's most controversial activities in its joint communique, a draft reviewed by Reuters shows.

-(Reuters 3/8) China 'coordinating with U.S.' in SCS search for sailor, a rare show of goodwill between the navies in the disputed waters.

-(ABS-CBN News 2/8) Repsol suspends oil project in disputed sea off Vietnam: Repsol has spent $27 million on the exploration off the southeastern coast of Vietnam to date and would continue to work with the country's officials and main state-run oil firm PetroVietnam.

-(Vietnamplus 1/8) Vietnam objects to China’s opening of cinema on Phu Lam island, saying Chinese activities violate Vietnam’s sovereignty over Paracels.

-(Strait Times 1/8) Five pillars for a US strategy on the South China Sea: International law, deterrence, incentives, diplomatic engagement, and keeping an Asean focus.

-(Defense News 1/8) US destroyer sailor missing, presumed overboard in the SCS: This is the second major search-and-rescue effort in the Asia-Pacific region this summer.

1325641415_img(2).jpg-(GMA Network 31/7) ASEAN, China ministers to endorse SCS code of conduct framework in Manila meet: After the endorsement, the framework would then be elevated to the leaders.

-(Business Insider 30/7) Oil could ease tensions in the South China Sea: Joint exploitation of the reserves in the disputed areas seems like the sensible thing to do. Whether it can actually get it done is a different matter.

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