Weekly News 9/4 - 15/4

Thứ ba, 10 Tháng 4 2018 16:42

-(CNN 13/4) Xi Jinping's China shows off force in SCS: Xi called for further modernization of the country's navy into a "world-class force" and emphasized the Chinese Communist Party's leadership over the military.

-(SCMP 13/4) China-Philippines oil and gas exploration deal for SCS ‘near’: The Philippine Foreign Secretary Cayetano reveals during Hong Kong trip that Beijing and Manila have accepted each other’s ‘red lines’ regarding sovereignty claims.

 -(PhilStar 12/4) US carrier patrols South China Sea, docks in Manila: The Theodore Roosevelt, with her embarked Carrier Air Wing (CVW) 17 and escorted by guided-missile cruiser USS Bunker Hill (CG 52), then dropped anchor at the mouth of Manila Bay.

-(Reuters 9/4) Philippines eyes oil, gas deal with China in SCS within months: The Philippines identified two areas where joint exploration for oil and gas may be undertaken with China.

-(The Wall Street Journal 9/4) China Installed Military Jamming Equipment on Spratly Islands: Disclosure comes as Chinese military conducts what U.S. officials describe as its largest military exercise to date in SCS.

100127-N-2760T-001.jpg-(National Interest 9/4) Aircraft Carrier Faceoff: American and Chinese Carriers Both in SCS: China has deployed its Liaoning aircraft carrier with escorting warships near Hainan Island as the US Navy’s Theodore Roosevelt strike group enters SCS.

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