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Weekly News 29/1 - 4/2

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-(ASPI 31/1) Duterte’s push for joint exploration in the South China Sea: There’s talk in the Philippines of revising the constitution to amend the provisions that limit foreign investment and ownership.

-(ABC News 30/1) China's era of 'hide and bide' is over: It is the only nation that can plausibly challenge American global dominance.

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Weekly News 22/1 - 28/1

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-(Freebacon 24/1) Pentagon Denies Chinese Warship Drove U.S. Destroyer From SCS: The USS Hopper carried out an "innocent passage" not a freedom of navigation operation at Scarborough Shoal.

-(Atimes 24/1) PLA boosts amphibious fleet, with eye on Taiwan and SCS: The PLA Navy has another two Type 071 landing ships under construction, which will take the fleet to seven in total.

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Weekly News 15/1 - 21/1

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-(SCMP 17/1) Three possible outcomes from East China Sea oil spill, according to Chinese scientists: As the oil slick from the Iranian oil tanker Sanchi continues to spread, its possible environmental impact could be limited or it could see trace pollutants reaching as far as the west coast of North America.

-(SCMP 16/1) Xi Jinping calls on Donald Trump to revive economic dialogue programme: Chinese president says two nations should further open markets and boost cooperation, during phone call with US leader.

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Weekly News 8/1 - 14/1

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1335504373_4813.jpg-(Reuters 9/1) Philippines to protest to China over apparent airbase on manmade island, which it described as reneging on a promise not to militarise artificial islands in SCS.

-(SCMP 9/1) US accuses Beijing of ‘provocative militarisation’ of SCS: US State Department adviser says China is pushing around smaller states with rival claims and limiting navigation in international waters -(ABS-CBN News 9/1) US to continue freedom of navigation ops in disputed SCS

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Weekly News 11/12 - 17/12

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-(Bloomberg 15/12) As Tensions Ease, Beijing Keeps Building in the South China Sea: New satellite imagery shows China has built infrastructure covering 72 acres (28 hectares) in the Spratly and Paracel islands during 2017 to equip its larger outposts to be air and naval bases.

-(The Australian 15/12) Beijing dresses down Australia’s Navy Chief over SCS: China’s top naval commander has hit out at Australia for undermining “peace and stability” in the South China Sea when he met Australian Chief of Navy Tim Barrett.

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Weekly News 4/12 - 10/12

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-(The Australian 5/12) China taking lead in Indo-Pacific arms race: The US and Australia must invest urgently in military technologies and innovation to help combat the threat posed by a rising China.

-(East Asia Forum 5/12) ASEAN needs to move to minilateralism: To save the principle of ASEAN centrality, the regional body should transcend its consensus-based decision-making and embrace minilateral arrangements on divisive issues.

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Weekly News 27/11-3/12

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issue 37_0_148_100.jpg-(Vietnamplus 27/11) HCM City int’l conference highlights cooperation on East Sea: The ninth East Sea International Conference opened in Ho Chi Minh City on November 27, focusing on the theme “Cooperation for Regional Security and Development”.

-(Forbes 27/11) China Has Tempered Its Expansion In The Disputed South China Sea: China has put any new, controversial reclamation work on hold under a rising tide of foreign pressure.

Weekly News 13/11-19/11

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-(Strait Times 16/11) Asean calls for 'non-militarisation' of SCS: A statement released on Thursday (Nov 16) by Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte as Asean chair "emphasised the importance of non-militarisation".

-(Reuters 16/11) China, Philippines agree to avoid force in SCS, according to a joint statement issued on Thursday by China at the end of a visit to Manila by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang.

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Weekly News 6/11 - 12/11

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-(The New York Times 9/11) Philippines, Seeking to Appease Beijing, Halts Construction in SCS: This signals an effort to improve ties with China before a regional summit meeting in Vietnam this weekend.

-(The Diplomat 8/11) Does Vietnam Have Trump’s Backing? Clarity sought in Hanoi ahead of President Donald Trump’s state visit.

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Weekly News 23/10 - 29/10

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-(Manila Times 26/10) PH, Japan want rule of law to prevail in SCS: Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will push for the enforcement of the rule of law in the SCS when the two leaders meet in Tokyo.

-(Nikkei 25/10) Experts call for ASEAN unity on SCS: US still plays critical role in security, but needs to clarify strategy.

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