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Weekly News 19/9 - 26/9

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- (Wall Street Journal 22/9India, China in Standoff Over South China Sea Oil: India is being pulled into a complex and increasingly tense territorial dispute in the South China Sea, with China repeatedly warning ONGC, the Indian state oil company, that its joint exploration plans with Vietnam amount to a violation of Chinese sovereignty.

- (Reuters 22/9UPDATE 1-China paper condemns Vietnam-India energy cooperation: A joint energy project between India and Vietnam in the South China Sea infringes on China's territorial sovereignty, an official Chinese newspaper said on Thursday in the first reaction to the operation by China's state media.

- (One News Now 22/9) SE Asia risks China's ire to discuss sea dispute: Southeast Asian maritime experts scrutinized a Philippine proposal for settling a tense dispute over South China Sea islands, despite protests against Thursday's meeting by China, which claims the entire, potentially oil-rich area.

- (Monster and Crisis 22/9) Philippines urges experts to consider South China Sea proposal: The Philippines on Thursday urged a meeting of regional maritime experts to support its proposal to clearly map out disputed areas in the South China Sea, in a bid to reduce tensions.

- (VOA 22/9ASEAN Maritime Specialists Discuss Guidelines to Resolve S. China Sea Dispute: The Philippines has been advocating for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations [ASEAN] to take a stronger stand against China's claims on the disputed region that is rich in oil and natural gas.

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Weekly News 12/9 - 19/9

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- (The Hindu 16/9China warns India on South China Sea exploration projects: China on Thursday indicated it was opposed to India engaging in oil and gas exploration projects in the disputed South China Sea, and warned Indian companies from entering into any agreements with Vietnam ahead of External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna's visit to Hanoi this week.

- (Economic Times 16/9South China Sea: US, Australia urge free movement: The United States and Australiacalled on Thursday for unimpeded freedom of navigation in the South China Sea and urged restraint from Beijing and its neighbors in solving their territorial disputes. 

- (Philstar 16/9South China Sea: Give peace a chance: Negotiators must stand by their government’s publicly stated positions. Negotiations have not yet reached a point where there is a will to find common grounds and interest from which to begin the process of a resolution.

- (UPI 15/9China warns on South China Sea oil: China warned India and other countries about oil exploration projects in the disputed South China Sea and its islands, claiming its "indisputable sovereignty" over the area.

- (Channel News Asia 15/9Regional oil & gas exploration activity to increase: With oil and gas reserves dwindling, oil companies around the world are revving up exploration efforts.

- (Daily Pioneer 15/9Peace, says the dragon: In a recent White Paper, Beijing explains its policy of development through peace even as China flaunts its military might to seize control of South China Sea!

- (Time of India 15/9China warns India against exploring oil in South China Sea ahead of Krishna's visit to Hanoi: China has warned Indian companiesfrom entering into any deal with Vietnamese firms for exploring oil and gas in disputed parts of the South China Sea. The statement might give a new turn to its relationship with India, which has been asking China not to build infrastructure projects in the disputed Pakistan Occupied Kashmir

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Weekly News 5/9 - 12/9

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- (Japan Times 8/9) China turns up the heat: “Xinhua added that Beijing was willing to shelve differences and jointly explore with Japan for oil, natural gas and other resources in the waters and seabed surrounding the islands, ‘on condition that Tokyo recognized China’s complete sovereignty over the archipelago.”

- (Reuters 8/9) UPDATE 1-Vietnam, China to try to hasten talks on sea dispute

- (Foreign Policy In Focus 8/9) The South China Sea Conundrum: The South China Sea conundrum could serve as blessing in disguise if it helps to strengthen the fundamentals of ASEAN and encourage a more responsible and stable relationship between the world’s most powerful countries, the United States and China. 

- (Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs 6/9The Fifth Meeting of the Guiding Committee for China-Vietnam Bilateral Cooperation Held in Hanoi: “good neighbors, good friends, good comrades and good partners under the guiding principle of long-term stability, forward looking, good-neighborly friendship and comprehensive cooperation.”

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Weekly News 29/8 - 5/9

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- (Mainichi 3/9Japan's new top diplomat concerned over China's maritime activities: Japan's new Foreign Minister Koichiro Gemba, the country's youngest top diplomat in the postwar era, expressed concern Friday over China's expanding maritime activities in Asian waters, saying they are not transparent enough.

- (Yonhap 3/9Anti-naval base supporters gather in Jeju for 'peace event': Civic group activists have gathered in force in southern Jeju on Saturday to hold a "peace event" that aims to halt construction of a naval base being built on the island.

- (Focus Taiwan 3/9Coast Guard looks to build support for defending tiny atolls: After functioned as one of Taiwan's most important military outposts since the 1950s, the Dongsha Islands are now being transformed for a more amiable purpose -- eco-tourism. 

- (Foreign Policy Journal 3/9) India, China, and the US: The Debate in India: How the debate turns out in India between the two mainstream and one marginalized position may prove consequential to the future strategic movement in Asia. Future crises, for which the current ‘crisis that isn’t’ serves as a precursor, can be expected to lend energy to the debate.

- (Inquirer 3/9Military sees tensions easing after Aquino’s China visit: The rekindling of the country’s friendly ties with China in the wake of President Aquino’s visit to that country is expected to greatly ease tensions in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea), the Armed Forces of the Philippines said.

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Weekly News 22/8 - 29/8

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- (AP 25/8China accuses US of 'exaggerating' military threat: China's state news agency accused the United States Thursday of "exaggerating" the threat posed by its military, after a report said the Asian nation was expanding its maritime power.

- (Reuters 24/8Factbox: Pentagon details China's military expansion: The Pentagon said on Wednesday that China was on track to forge a modern military by 2020, a rapid buildup that could be potentially destabilizing to the Asia-Pacific region.

- (Department of Defense 24/8ANNUAL REPORT TO CONGRESS‎: “Beijing’s approach to international engagement has evolved with its perception of its own interests in a dynamic security environment. As China’s regional and international interests expand, so too will China’s impetus for additional engagement, especially in the areas of peacekeeping operations, HA/DR, and joint exercises. In addition to furthering PLA modernization,these engagements will likely be geared toward building China’s political ties, assuaging fears about China’s rise, and expanding China’s international influence, particularly in Asia.”

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Weekly News 15/8 - 22/8

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- (Bernama 18/8) South China Sea Dispute has no impact on Pan-Bei Gulf Economic Cooperation.

- (Taiwan News 18/8Philippine president to make 5-day visit to China

- (Council on Foreign Relations 17/8A Bid to Boost U.S.-China Relations: Biden's visit marks the first time a senior U.S. official will spend a substantial amount of time with China's president-in-waiting. "We're investing in the future of the U.S.-China relationship," said Tony Blinken, Biden's national security adviser.

- (WSJ 18/8In Chinese Interview, Biden Stresses Better Ties by welcoming Chinese companies to invest in the U.S. and reiterating a pledge to address a key Chinese trade complaint by easing U.S. restrictions on exports.

- (Financial Times 18/8Biden visit aims to assure China on US economy: The US and China put on a show of harmony on Thursday as Joe Biden, US vice-president, started talks with Chinese officials amid global financial turmoil which has tested relations between the world’s two largest economies.

- (Reuters 18/8China paper urges U.S. to act on debt worries: The United States must shoulder its responsibilities and take steps to soothe China's concerns over the security of its U.S. government debt holdings, a front-page editorial in the overseas edition of the People's Daily said on Wednesday.

- (China Daily 18/8Trust still seen as issue in China-US relations:

- (LA Times 18/8Day 1: Biden says U.S.-China partnership critical to global economy: Vice President Joe Biden said that the United States and China "hold the key" to the global economy Thursday, the first full day of a visit focused as much on a broader relationship between the two global powers as building a personal relationship with its future leaders.

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Weekly News 8/8 - 15/8

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- (Brookings 11/8New Challenges in Predicting China’s Upcoming Political Succession 

- (Eurasia Review 11/8) RisingTensions In Asia Pacific Region – Analysis; - South China Sea: Reducing The China-Vietnam Tension – Analysis

- (Chosunilbo 11/8) Experts Warn of Shifting Regional Power Balance: Pundits were busy Wednesday when China began tests of its first aircraft carrier in the West Sea. 

- (Gulf News 11/8Asia needs to think of 10 things: It's time for Asia to figure out how to get beyond US trade, which locks it into buying ever more US debt to keep their own currencies artificially weak.

- (Mainichi Daily News 11/8Japan to dispatch SDF if Senkaku Islands invaded: Edano, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano said Wednesday.

- (Philippine Star 12/8A strategic view of foreign relations 

- (Joong Ang Daily 12/8Risk of a regional arms race: China’s maritime operational capabilities could expand to the Pacific as well as the Indian Ocean, which trigger an unprecedented arms race in the region.

- (CSIS 11/8) Is China's Aircraft Carrier a Threat to U.S: 

- (The Economist 13/8Name and purpose to be determined: The Chinese navy takes a much-heralded step forward but its intentions are vague

- (The Economic Times 11/8US asks China to explain why it wants carrier: As China commenced sea trials of its first aircraft carrier, the US has sought an explanation from Beijing why it needs this kind of equipment and asked it to be more transparent about its power projections. 

- (TIME 10/8Troubled Waters: Why China’s Navy Makes Asia Nervous, "could result in some kind of escalation, some kind of miscalculation — an incident, a misunderstanding that would greatly heighten the stakes."

- (Asia Times 11/8) Pride and prejudice over China’s carrier: Labeled a "scientific research and training" vessel by Beijing, the craft is the result of years long retrofitting of the Soviet-era, Ukrainian-built Varyag.

- (Wall Street Journal 11/8The Carrier of Asia-Pacific Troubles: An aircraft carrier gives Beijing tremendous capabilities and could worsen regional tensions.

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Weekly News 1/8 - 8/8

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- (Asia Times 5/8Deep-sea mining stirs risk concerns: The emerging trend towards more deep-sea mining threatens to stir new conflicts among competing resource-hungry countries, including those already at loggerheads over potentially oil-and-gas rich maritime areas in the South China Sea. 

- (Jakarta Post 5/8For ASEAN, talk is a real bargain: Talk is cheap, but if it means preventing nations from engaging in bloody and destructive wars, it is an unbeatable bargain. The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), which marks its 44th anniversary on Aug. 8, knows this all too well. 

- (Saipan Tribune 5/8Sprat me Xisha, Nansha, and Hoang Sa: “The Taiwan-China disagreement is in-house since each considers the other as part of one whole; the Vietnam-China discord is between cousins. China’s Yue Nan before the French called it Vietnam has a contiguous geo-ethnic relation to land and peoples of Yunnan and Hainan.”

- (Business World 3/8China-run oil firm to drill in local seas? A CHINESE state-run firm is poised to take over majority control of an oil exploration venture in offshore Palawan, Energy Undersecretary Jose M. Layug, Jr. yesterday said.

- (Fox Business 4/8Three China Firms Keen On Oil Exploration Near Spratlys -Philippine Secretary, Philippine Energy Secretary Rene Almendras said Thursday.

- (Alaska Dispatch 4/8East Asia’s top 5 island claim disputes 

- (AFP 4/8China says Japan defence paper ‘irresponsible’, said Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Ma Zhaoxu

- (BBC 4/8China angered by Japan’s defence paper warnings: China has criticised Japan for a report warning against China's growing naval power, calling it "irresponsible".

- (China Post 4/823 students visit Dongsha on sovereignty trip: CGA: A group of 23 Taiwanese university students headed towards Dongsha Island in the South China Sea yesterday afternoon and are expected to claim sovereignty by raising the national flag today, said the Coast Guard Administration (CGA).

- (Focus Taiwan 4/8ROC sovereignty over South China Sea non-negotiable: official 

- (Xin Hua Net 2/8Three-month summer fishing ban lifted in South China SeaJapan’s defense paper damages ties with China, helpless to regional peaceChina conducts scientific survey in South China Sea

- (Spero News 4/8Asia: South China Sea: Beijing close to a deal with Hanoi but far from Manila: “China and Vietnam agree to “peaceful measures” to settle their border dispute through cooperation and bilateral relations. Tensions between Beijing and Manila are up as China threatens the Philippines after Manila builds a military structure on one of the Spratly Islands"; JAPAN Japanese defence paper threatens Sino Japanese relations: Japan’s Defence Ministry releases its annual paper on its region’s military situation, warning against China’s growing military power, which aims at expanding its sphere of influence. Beijing protests and issues threats.

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Weekly News 25/7 - 1/8

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-(Asia times 30/7) Shallow agreement in the South China Sea - After last week's ARF meeting, Clinton called the deal on guidelines an "important first step" and "There needs to be a lot of dialogue between [ASEAN] and China,"

-(Diplomat 29/7) Beating the South China Sea Phoenix - US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has warned that the unresolved issues threaten peace and stability in Southeast Asia

-(AP 29/7) Philippines seeks regional backing for sea dispute - The move is part of a plan by Manila to ease the tensions with China and other claimants

- (NBR Special Report 7/2011) From Disputed Waters to Seas of Opportunity: Overcoming Barriers to Maritime Cooperation in East and Southeast Asia

-(Daily Times 29/7) China defends carrier plans, neighbours fret over buildup- China’s neighbours are worried its aircraft carrier programme may in time intimidate regional rivals but its military on Thursday defended the plan as vital for maritime security.

-(Atimes July 29) China averts collision in South China SeaFor Beijing, the core issue of sovereignty must not be resolved by radical approaches such as war, nor through multilateral arenas

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Weekly News 18/7 - 25/7

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- (Stimson 13/7) China's Claim in the South China Sea, by Richard Cronin

- (VOA 21/7) Vietnam Pledges South China Sea Defense as Legislative Session Opens: “Nguyen Sinh Hung said the government will act to protect Vietnamese fishermen and defend the country’s economic activities in the waterway, including its exploration for oil and gas.” 

- (Washington Post/AP 21/7) Vietnam vows to defend sovereignty and interests in disputed South China Sea:

- (Taiwan Today 21/7) ROC reaffirms sovereignty over South China Sea islands:

- (Reuters 21/7) China signs S.China Sea guidelines, seeks to turn page on row:

- (SMH 22/7) China rivals sign ‘code’ on territorial islands row: The bitter stoush over territorial rights to islands in the South China Sea could yet steal the agenda at a key regional security summit that will for the first time include the US and Russia.

- (Inquirer Opinion 22/7) Flag waving in the Spratlys: A delegation of five Filipino congressmen landed on a disputed island in the Spratly chain on Wednesday in a melodramatic assertion of the Philippine claim to what it calls “Pagasa” island.

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