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Weekly News 28 February - 7 March

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- (Sun Star 6/3) Philippines, China reminded of agreed conduct over Spratlys after Chinese patrol boats allegedly harassed a Philippine oil exploration ship near the disputed Spratly islands.

- (Asahia Shimbun 6/3) ANALYSIS: China's hike in defense spending aimed at bolstering its naval might - Will the increase in China's defense spending apply pressure to its neighbors?;(BBC 4/3) China's military build-up causes 'concern' in Asia

- (Wall Street Journal 3/3) South China Sea Tensions Rise

- (The National Interest 3/3) China’s Increasing Assertiveness and Its Implications - A number of Beijing’s actions over the past year suggest that China will not be content to be a purely commercial power, as so many American policymakers and pundits have hoped.

- (American Enterprise Institute 2/3) Asian Tide - The oceangoing phase of long-range Chinese strategy - This picture of Chinese strategy is so shockingly at variance with contemporary thinking about maritime strategy that the temptation to dismiss it will be strong.

- (Wall Street Journal 2/3) Russia Fears China, Not Japan - For that reason, Tokyo and Moscow need to guard against a new crisis in their relations and should instead consider jointly how to deal with the Chinese security challenge they both face.

- (AP 2/3) Clinton says US in direct competition with China

- (Wall Street Journal 2/3) The Decline of U.S. Naval Power - Sixty ships were commonly underway in America's seaward approaches in 1998, but today there are only 20. We are abdicating our role on the oceans.

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Weekly News 21 - 28 February

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- (Sify News 25/2) Not enough room for China in Indian Ocean: Maldives - 'We are not receptive to any installation, military or otherwise in the Indian Ocean, specially from un-traditional friends. The Indian Ocean is the Indian Ocean,' the Maldives president replied when asked about China's increasing foray in the region.

- (The Wall Street Journal 25/2) Libyan Turmoil Prompts Chinese Naval Firsts

- (Eurasia 24/2) Beijing And Washington: Things That Go Bang

- (The Diplomat 23/2) Jakarta Eyes South China Sea

- (UPI 22/2) Coral reefs said vital to biodiversity

- (ISEAS) The Conference on "ASEAN and the South China Sea dispute" organized by Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore on 18 February 2011

- (Foreign Policy 21/2) Who can solve the South China Sea? - A key question that emerges is whether international law and multilateral organizations will play any meaningful role in the resolution of competing claims; (The Economist 21/2) A sea of disputes - TWO truths about the disputes in the South China Sea are well-recognised: they are extremely complex, and much misunderstood.

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Weekly News 14 - 21/2 February

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- (The Stars 20/2) Somali pirates can reach our waters - International Maritime Bureau (IMB) piracy reporting centre head of Asian region Noel Choong said

- (Asahi Shimbun 18/2) Yudhoyono to urge China to join talks to resolve its disputes over islands in the South China Sea with Southeast Asian countries.

- (The Diplomat 16/2) Avoiding US-China Military Rivalry - A new Cold War between the US and China isn’t inevitable. But better inter-military communication will be needed to stop one.

- (RiaNovosti 16/2) A Changed but still Expected Military Strategy Report - Brief Comment on the National Military Strategy of the U.S. 2011

- (Islands Business) COVER REPORT: Wikileaks reveal China’s plan for the islands - Pour US$375m as soft loans “whether or not they have diplomatic relations with China”, Assistant Foreign Affairs Minister of the People’s Republic of China,(PRC) He Yafei said in 2006

- (Asia News 19/2) RUSSIA - CHINA - JAPAN:Kurils Islands: growing tension between Moscow and Tokyo; (World Socialist 17/2) Japan and Russia in diplomatic row over disputed Kuril Islands - A visit to Moscow by Japanese Foreign Minister Seiji Maehara last week to discuss four disputed islands in the Kuril chain failed to produce any agreement. Instead, the two sides engaged in a diplomatic exchange of fire, each insisting on its own sovereignty; (Japan Times 16/2) Russia, China firms agree to farm sea cucumbers off disputed isle beetween Russia and Japan

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Weekly News 7 - 14 February

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- (The Wall Street Journal 11/2) Jakarta's Year of Leading Diplomatically - The Asean member states are playing a difficult game of balancing and constraining China while benefiting from the economic opportunities of its rise. The fact that they are lining up behind Indonesia's leadership is an encouraging sign.

- (Examiner 11/2) Joint Chiefs of Staff issue message to China over missile buildup against Taiwan

- (The Economist 10/2) Who rules the waves? - China’s ocean scientists will soon start exploring a controversial patch of sea
- (The Aspen Times 10/2) U.S. adviser DeFrancia discusses China maritime policy - China's view of its naval role is far different from how the United States operates its Navy, DeFrancia said. In China, the Navy is a subset of the People's Liberation Army, employing a defensive strategy, looking to keep the naval operations of other countries far away from its shores, he said.

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Weekly News 31 January - 7 February

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- (DNA India 3/2) When Hu played sumo with ObamaThe recent Hu -Obama Presidential Summit in Washington was akin to two highly ranked sumo wrestlers circling each other while assessing how to edge the adversary out of the ring. Finally, decisions on important global and strategic issues were deferred till after 2012 when new leaderships assume charge in China and the US. Hu Jintao and Obama, however, both succeeded in achieving their immediate objectives.

- (The Mainichi Daily News 2/2) China, Japan eye late Feb. talks on maritime incidents - Diplomatic sources said Tuesday

- (Free Malaysia Today 2/2) Kota Kinabalu open to enemy attack - The federal government’s clandestine move to turn Kota Kinabalu into a naval city has angered its citizens who fear for their safety

- (The Jakarta Post 2/2) Indian Ocean needs maritime law as interests intersect - The discussion was jointly held by the Indonesian Council on World Affairs and the Foreign Ministry.

- (The Australian 2/2) Asia primed for a new Cold War - China's increased military spending in recent years has led to the US, and nations in the region, to hedge their bets on the peaceful use of that power

- (The New Republic/Viet-studies 1/2) The Belligerents: Meet the hardliners who now run China’s foreign policy - The most important shift—the one that, in some sense, paved the way for all the others—was the declining power of the men who sat atop the Communist Party….As China’s military strength has improved in recent years, the PLA’s top officers have become less willing to show deference to the Communist Party’s civilian leaders.

- (Oil and Gas Online 1/2) FMC Technologies Awarded $85 Million Order For CNOOC's Liuhua 4-1 Development

Weekly News 24 - 31 January

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- (MOFA Vietnam 26/1) Viet Nam asks China to remove wrongful data in its SBSM map service

- (Manila Bulletin 29/1) The joint US-China commitment: plus or minus for Philippines? - The above summary comes from the Joint US-China Statement at the conclusion of President Hu Jintao’s State Visit to the US last January 20. So – how did the encounter between these two global giants really turn out?

- (ZeeNews 29/1) China gives glimpses of its 1st aircraft carrier - People's Daily, the official organ of the ruling Communist Party of China, carried a brief video showing the ship undergoing sea trials.

- (Brudirect 29/1) Brunei's Peace Efforts In Asean Lauded - it [Brunei] could play a role in peacekeeping efforts, that is, "to be more active in the deliberations with other countries in the South China Sea to seek the best ways to transform the conflict potential in the South China Sea into a potential for cooperation among them.",  the Indonesia Ambassador to Brunei Handriyo Kusumo Priyo said.

- (Jamestown Foundation 28/1) The Snow Dragon Moves into the Arctic Ocean Basin - In a warming and changing Arctic, China is stepping up its activities in the Arctic Ocean Basin. While China’s interests and policy objectives in the Arctic Ocean Basin remain unclear, Beijing is increasingly active and vocal on the international stage on issues that concern the region

- (The Manila Times 28/1) US enters Spratlys standoff - Kurt Campbell, assistant secretary of state for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, said that the US government believes that it is important for the Philippines to “develop confidence level” in maritime issues, especially those pertaining to territorial claims over the Spratlys.

- (The Canadian Press 28/1) Facing more assertive China, US and Japan push back in Pacific power tussle

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Weekly News 17 - 24 January

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- (PhilStar 21/1) The South China Sea disputes - In his new book, Where in the world is the Philippines?, former Philippine foreign undersecretary Rod Severino lays out the case for urgent action by the Philippine government on matters relating to the national territory and the rising global concerns about territorial questions in our part of the world.

- (Eurasia Review 20/1) China’s Maritime Ambitions: Implications for Regional Security

- (Carnegie Endownment 19/1) China’s Military Muscle - Michael Swaine analyzes China’s military buildup and its strategic implications. Swaine says that there is serious danger that China and the United States are moving toward strategic rivalry

- ((Foreign Policy 18/1) Stephen Walt, What Obama Should NOT say t o Hu Jintao - this article was writen after his visit to Vietnam

- (MSN News 18/1) Strengthen ties with Asian allies to counter China: think tank - The Obama Administration should strengthen US'' ties with its Asian allies to counter- balance the increasing belligerence of China through measures like increasing arms sale to India, Japan and Taiwan, an eminent Washington-based think tank has said.

- (The Manila Times 18/1) South China Sea code of conduct pushed - Nine years have passed since the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) and China agreed to develop a code of conduct and the time had come for talks to produce results, Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa said.

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Weekly News 10 - 17 January

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- (CSIS 11/1) Ernest Z. Bower, Hu Jintao’s Visit and the South China Sea: “Whose/Hu’s Core Interests?”

- (GMA News 14/1) Veteran diplomat asks: Where in the world is the Philippines? - Severino’s book shows that despite several revisions and laws related to territory, the most basic question on the area of Philippine jurisdiction remains ambiguous. As a result, Severino said, “Philippine law-enforcement agencies have not been sure of what to allow and what to prohibit where, particularly by way of sea passage, overflight, fishing activities, and environmental protection."; (GMA News 11/1) Ramos, key diplomats urge Aquino to address Spratlys issue - The calls were made on Monday at the launching of the book of former Foreign Affairs Undersecretary Rodolfo Severino Jr. titled: “Where in the World is the Philippines?"

- (Christian Science Monitor 13/1) South Korea and Japan sail into territorial dispute

- (Jakarta Globe 13/1) Building an East Asia Summit That Doesn’t Leave Asean by the Wayside

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Weekly News 3 - 10 January

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-(Los Angles Times 7/1) China's development of stealth fighter takes U.S. by surprise - The emergence of what is said to be a prototype jet, along with news of advances on an anti-ship missile, raises concerns about China's military intentions and the threat it poses to the U.S. in the Pacific

-(Xinhua 6/1) China adds patrol ships to safeguard maritime interests

-(The Jakarta Post 6/1) Foreign policy Indonesia outlines post-2015 agenda for ASEAN - While trying to lead ASEAN to achieve its goal of becoming a community by 2015, Indonesia highlighted its agenda for the 10-member group in the post-2015 period as Southeast Asia’s largest economy chairs the group this year.

-(Daily Yomiuri Online 6/1) New ties set with India, U.S. / Govt entering 3-way partnership to tackle security, economic issues - Japan, India and the United States will launch a trilateral strategic dialogue this year on security and economic issues, including measures to deal with China's expansion of its naval power, sources said.

-(Bloomberg 5/1) JX, PetroVietnam Discover Natural Gas, Condensate in Vietnam Test-Drilling

-(Politics Daily 5/1) Pentagon Surprised, Concerned as China Debuts High-Tech Weapons - A senior U.S. intelligence official acknowledged

-(CapitalVue 4/1) China Discovers Huge Combustible Ice Reserves In South China Sea

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Weekly News 27 December - 3 January

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-(Asahi Shimbun 31/12) China's scenario to seize isles in South China Sea - Its military has drawn up an internal tactical plan to seize control of islands in the South China Sea that are now under the effective control of other nations, sources said.

-(International Business Times 30/12) China's new missile won't block U.S., admiral says - China's new anti-ship "aircraft carrier killer" missile has achieved "initial operational capability," but that won't affect the United States military's operations in the commercially vital South China Sea, a top U.S. military commander said.

-(Beijing Review 30/12) 2010 in Retrospect: Sino-U.S. Relations

-(VOA 30/12) China Calls for US to Play 'Constructive' Role in Asia

-(Today Online 29/12) Asia's unstable rise will get tougher in 2011 - Many herald Asia's rise in the wake of the financial crisis. Compared to the United States and Europe, prospects in the region do look good. Events both recent and over the year, however, warn us not to assume the phenomenon is irresistible. While rising, the region is exposed to continuing sources of instability.

-(Deccan Herald 29/12) Regional conflicts on cards, but we are prepared: China - As tension simmers in the Korean peninsula, China has said a regional conflict cannot be ruled out, but its armed forces comprising 2.3 million personnel are ''better prepared'' to deal with any eventuality.; (The Diplomat 28/12) China's Military Surprises - In a year in which the region’s news was frequently dominated by questions over whether China had abandoned the path of a ‘peaceful’ rise, it was perhaps inevitable that 2010 would be rounded out with a few bits of news that underscore China’s growing military prowess.

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