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Weekly News 14/11-20/11

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-(Vietnamnews 15/11) International East Sea (South China Sea) conference kicks off in Nha Trang, Vietnam: Experts called for more attention on sustainability of the ocean ecology at the conference.

-(VOA News 14/11) Trump Expected to Take Tough but Brief Action in South China Sea: Some experts predicthat he will make a few strident anti-Beijing military moves in the area to prove a point and then back off to engage the Chinese economically.

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Weekly News 7/11-13/11

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-(Inquirer 6/11) Indonesia to boost military in South China Sea amid dispute, equiping Natuna with a port and extend its military air base runway. -(Reuters 5/11) Amid South China Sea tension, defence exporters flock to Indonesia

-(Focustaiwan 6/11) Taiwan to hold humanitarian rescue drill in South China Sea at the end of this month, focusing on humanitarian rescue missions.

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Weekly News 31/10 - 6/11

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 -(Thediplomat 04/11) Sub Hunters in the South China Sea? China Launches 4: China is launching one new corvette every six weeks.  

-(MorningnewsUSA 03/11) Australia to Team Up With Indonesia in Sea Patrols: Julie Bishop, Australia’s foreign minister said her country is seriously considering talking with the Indonesian government in such endeavor

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Weekly News 24/10 - 30/10

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-(QZ 28/10) Beijing pushed the Philippines too far on the South China Sea with just two little words: It insisted any statement on fishermen returning to the area would say China would “allow” or “permit” them to be there.

-(Nationalinterest 28/10) What Does China Actually Want in the South China Sea? The South China Sea has a nationalist and identity value above and beyond material resources.

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Weekly News 10/10-16/10

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-(Reuters 12/10) China urges Australia to be 'cautious' on South China Sea, and that its words and actions on the matter match each other.

-(Inquirer 12/10) Duterte determined to stop joint patrols in South China Sea, despite Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonio Carpio’s reminder that the Constitution mandated the state to protect the country’s territorial waters and exclusive economic zone.

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Weekly News 3/10-9/10

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 -(ABC News 7/10) Philippines Tells US No Joint Patrols in South China Sea: The Philippine defense chief said Friday that the U.S. military has been told that plans for joint patrols and naval exercises in the disputed South China Sea have been put on hold as the country's new president desires.

-(Reuteres 6/10) Amid South China Sea uncertainty, Indonesia stages a show of force: Indonesian warplanes on Thursday staged a large-scale exercise on the edge of South China Sea territory claimed by Beijing, a show of force that adds to regional uncertainty sparked by the Philippines' sudden tilt away from the United States.

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Weekly News 26/9-2/10

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-(Nikkei 29/9) Philippines, Vietnam discuss security partnership in South China Sea: Their meeting here marked the first visit to Vietnam by a Philippine president in 22 years. 

-(Reuters 29/9) China armed forces warn Japan against South China sea patrols and it would not sit watching from the sidelines

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Weekly News 19/9-25/9

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 -(SCMP 21/08) China designates US’ first renminbi clearing bank: Premier Li Keqiang: The announcement came only two weeks before the yuan’s inclusion into the IMF’s international reserve asset, the Special Drawing Rights

-(Business-standard 21/08) Russia poses most dangerous threat, China second: US general: General John E Hayten said in his confirmation hearing to be the Commander of the Strategic Command.

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Weekly News 12/9-18/9

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-(VOA 13/9) China, Vietnam Vow to 'Maintain Peace, Stability' in South China Sea, amid simmering tension over the dispute.

-(CNN 13/9) China, Russia begin joint exercises in South China Sea, adding a new twist to ongoing tensions over Chinese island-building in the region. –(Times of India 12/9) ‘Island seizing’ a part of China-Russia naval drill in South China Sea

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